A Day In Brighton

 Tuesday morning the Boy and I woke at an ungodly hour and headed for Victoria, and caught the first train after rush hour to Brighton. Neither of us had been before, so we were excited to have a bit of an explore. We got off the train and headed straight to the beach, both of us grew up near the sea and miss it in London, so we were pumped to be breathing in the fresh sea air again.
Turns out Brighton Beach doesn’t have a patch on Bournemouth beach, it’s got stones, dirty water and tacky tourist attractions, we were feeling pretty smug with our white sand, clear water and unspoilt cliffside. But it was nice to feel the wind in my hair, and breath in the salty air.
We grabbed a light lunch in Bread and Milk, on recommendation of Tami, a cute little hipster cafe, before hitting the shops. We weren’t majorly successful and left without many bags, but it was nice to explore a few different shops. I’ve heard a lot from bloggers and friends about Brighton, and the shopping in the Laines, but if I’m honest, I didn’t think it was anything special, and it was a lot smaller than I expected! Maybe we are spoilt for choice living in London, but there wasn’t really anything we couldn’t get in London.
Late afternoon we had coffee & a catchup with a very good friend from back home, before grabbing a speedy dinner at Bills. The boy had never been before but he very much enjoyed his chicken and chorizo burger. I went for my long standing favourite, the Chipotle half chicken with sweet potato fries and slaw, deeeeelish. I love the atmosphere in Bills, it’s cosy and friendly, and I can’t fault the service we had!
I went for comfort over style outfit-wise, my trusty Topshop Leigh jeans that are incredibly soft and comfortable. On top I wore a white Mango shirt that has a silk panel on the front, making it a little fancier than your standard white tee, with a black cardi for extra warmth. I took my new Zara coat for a spin, and my god it’s the warmest thing I’ve ever owned, and so cosy. I had my H&M scarf in my bag and I’m glad cause I definitely needed it! Shoe-wise I opted for my Nike 7.0’s which are the most comfortable things I’ve ever owned. My bag was an Urban Outfitters sale find from a few years back, it’s real leather and was £20 down from £110. It holds a ton without being big and bulky.
I don’t think that Brighton was for us, the Boy definitely didn’t like it, but we had an great day together!
 This photo totally sums up how the boyfriend felt about Brighton!

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