I Like You, So Why Don't I Use You?

When your makeup collection is as large (read: disgustingly excessive) as mine, there are always gonna be a few products that get forgotten. There’s nothing wrong with these products, and I like them all a lot, they just don’t get as much loving as they should.I’ve had the Tropic Mineral Foundation for a really long time now, it’s a gorgeous lightweight mineral foundation powder that gives you a little coverage without making you look like you’re wearing makeup. I love how this looks on, but the reality is it often gets forgotten about because it takes longer to apply than a regular foundation.The Revlon Photo Ready Skinlights is a lovely multi-purpose product, it makes a good pre-foundation glow-giver, and a good highlighter too. I feel like I don’t use this all that much because highlighter tends to be the step I skip. It is however, a lovely product, especially for a drugstore pick!The Benefit Sugarbomb Blush was one of the first high end products I ever bought, and I was obsessed with it for a long time, but it’s been a while since it got any loving from me. It’s a beautiful peachy pink blush with a gorgeous shimmer, but the shade is so light I feel like it doesn’t show up on my skin at the moment whilst I have a tan.I got the Smashbox Cream Blush in Captivate in a gift set a while back, and whilst it has a gorgeous formula and is a beautiful nudey-pink shade, it just doesn’t get any loving from me. I have no explanation and no excuse, I just never reach for it!Lovelorn is one of the first MAC lipsticks I bought, and I was totally hooked on it during my first year of Uni. However, just like Sugarbomb, I find it’s a little too light for me right now. Maybe I’m not as pale as I used to be!I got the Bare Minerals The Power Neutrals Palette with a birthday ASOS voucher this year, excited to find a taupe based palette for a reasonable price. The formula of this palette is incredible, the shadows are buttery soft, with amazing pigmentation and lasting power, but I just never reach for it.I think I;m going to stick all of these products in the top drawer of my Muji and make an effort to use them more!Do you have any neglected products?