Learning to Love the Long Bob

It’s been a rough road for me and my hair. Teenage stupidity led to me dying my hair every colour under the sun whilst I was at college, big mistake, and I ended up with hair so dead it snapped off in clumps if I touched it. Not a good luck. One horrendous pixie cut, about seven sets of hair extensions, copious hair growth masks and a year and half later, and I’m kinda happy with my hair.
Now, I’ll be honest, my hair is still WAY shorter than I like it, but it’s miles better than the boy crop I was sporting back in January last year. I won’t be happy until my hair is trailing around my underboob region but this is progress people. 
I’ve kinda settled into a routine with my hair that is working for me. I’m a reverse hair washer, when I jump in the shower I coat my hair in a super hydrating conditioner, leave it for a few minutes, and after I’ve rinsed that out I use a super clarifying shampoo to get any residue out of my roots. I’ve been doing this for over a year now and it makes my hair last longer between washes (I’m lazy so this is good), which supposedly makes your hair grow faster? I’m trying everything here. This works super well for me anyway!
 I don’t blow dry my hair anymore, unless it’s a special occasion, to save my hair the heat, I just wash my hair in the evening and then let it dry whilst I sleep. For the most part, I’ll then keep my hair natural, but drop a few extra waves in with my Lee Stafford Argan Oil Twisted Curling Wand, brush it out with my fingers and then spritz it with a hairspray. It’s easy, it looks very beachy and undone, but I quite like it. Every now and then I’ll straighten my hair using my GHD’s, and a ton of heat protector. I don’t like to do this too often, but every now and then I’ll get the urge. I like to stick my hair in a giant pineapple on the top of my head immediately after straightening while it cools, and after a few minutes I’ll take it down and it’s got a bit of volume to it!
I’m still desperately trying to grow my hair, but I don’t hate it as much any more!
Do you have any tips on growing your hair? Or have you had any hair disasters?

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