The Review: Blank Canvas Brushes

The majority of my makeup brushes come from Real Techniques, with a couple MAC, a bit of Space NK, a few Topshop and one or two Eco Tools in the mix too, all stuff that is really readily available, but not very exciting. I’ve been umming and ahhing over ordering some Zoeva or Nanshy brushes, mostly because I wanted to try out some new eye brushes, especially since my MAC 217 bit the dust.

Whilst trying to settle the Zoeva/Nanshy battle, Daphne pointed me in the direction of Blank Canvas Cosmetics, and after showing me her MAC 217 and the Blank Canvas alternative (there is no difference!) I decided to place an order.

So first into the basket went the Blank Canvas Cosmetics E26 brush the aforementioned MAC 217 dupe. The only difference I can find between the two is that the E26 has a longer handle, which is actually quite handy (gettit?). It’s got fairly long natural hairs, that are slightly flattened, making it easy to use for packing shadow on the lid, but since it’s super fluffy it’s great for blending too. A good multitasking eye brush. 

I also got the E10 brush* a small crease brush. This one is very small and slightly tapered, making it perfect for blending colours into the crease. It’s got synthetic hairs so it’s equally as great with cream products as powders, and I’m seriously impressed with this brush. It makes blending so easy! 

And lastly, I picked up the F22 brush, a domed synthetic fibre face brush. The bristles are densely packed but incredibly soft, making it perfect for achieving a full coverage look without being harsh on the skin. I’ve been using this brush every day for applying my base and I’m obsessed with it, it’s perfect!

What are your favourite makeup brushes?

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