Being a Tourist at Home

 It’s not often that we spend time really exploring the areas in which we live. I for one am very guilty of getting caught up in the details of the day, and not truly appreciating what’s around me. I came back to Bournemouth last week and for the first day, my awesome friend Daphne joined me. Daphne and I have a strange sort of friendship, forged by bonding over tea, lipstick and all things American. We haven’t been friends for all that long, but we have become really close really quick! Anyway, whilst she’s in the UK she’s on a mission of sorts to explore as much as she can, so I figured why not take the opportunity to be a tourist in my own home? 
We started the morning bright and early with a makeup session much longer than necessary, and headed out to explore. We ended up in Christchurch which is a little village basically at the other end of my road, somewhere I love because it’s still got a lot of traditional English heritage and features. We explored the quay (where Daphne attempted to make friends with a Swan against my warnings that they aren’t as nice as they look), wondered round the ruins of the old castle, saw the ducking stool that ironically wasnt used on witches, but rather women with ‘loose tongues’, sat in the stocks and of course ate a lot.
 I got Daphne to snap some outfit pictures for me too, while we were in the ruins, I love the look of the old walls as a background! I love this outfit right now, it’s so comfy! The top is just an oversized grey Primark tee (super soft and comfy, and won’t show your food baby!) and the necklace is Primark too, I am obsessed with necklaces with triangles, so when I saw this last month for £3 I had to have it! The leggings are from Monki, and are the most ‘out there’ article of clothing I own. I chucked on my Nike 7.0 Free Run Trainers, they’re seriously comfortable and we walked really far! My bag is new from Zara, it’s the Mini City Bag with Zip Details in the colour ‘Jeans’ and I adore it. I wear so much black and white, it’s nice to add a pop of colour with a bag! Please excuse my chipped mani, I know, I’m an awful excuse for a blogger. I love wearing my hair like this right now, I just let my hair dry naturally overnight, drop a few curls in amongst my natural curls with my GHD’s, and then just brush it out with my fingers. I just love the laidback look it has! 
 We also played the typical blogger card and had pancakes for lunch (hey, I was on holiday, okay!) in one of my favourite little cafe’s, Cheese and Alfies. All the food is freshly made and delicious, and the cafe is filled with cute art and battered second hand books. And doesn’t Daphne take an attractive photo?!
I think this has made me realise I really need to appreciate what’s around me a lot more! It’s been a long time since I’ve done anything like this and it was such good fun! I need to start making the most of what’s around me, even in London!

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