Birthday Bits

I’ve been a bit awol on this blog recently, it’s coming up to my deadline (Friday) so I’ve not been doing much other than work!
I was looking through my phone and camera and realised I took a lot of snaps on my birthday, and I wanted to share them somewhere. I turned twenty on Tuesday, and since deadlines are coming up I had a pretty quiet day. but my parents did come up from Bournemouth to spend the day with me! Unfortunately, my boyfriend had lectures he couldn’t miss, so he was at uni for most of the day, so I spent the morning getting some work done before my parents and sister turned up around lunchtime. We had a little gift swapping session at my place (it was my Dad’s birthday on Monday too) before heading out.
We were all really hungry so the first thing we did was grab lunch. We ended up at Las Iguanas because it was close, it’s a place I’ve always dismissed as being a boring chain restaurant, but we actually had an amazing meal. I had an alcohol free apple mojito, a steak burrito and we shared some nachos too. It was really great, and the waitress even bought me a slice of cake since it was my birthday. I’m not usually into chocolate cake, but this was chocolate, fudge and orange, and it was utterly delectable.
After lunch we headed down to the river, we had planned to be tourists and do the Tower of London, but since we ended up having a longer lunch than anticipated, by the time we got there it was too late. We had a stroll along the river though, and a wander round the outside of the tower, it really is a beautiful building. It was incredibly windy so we took shelter in Starbucks for a coffee pick me up. After that it was time to shop, and I got one more amazing birthday present! Then when the boy joined us, we headed to Yo Sushi, since all of us are pretty hooked on sushi right now.
In the evening after my parents had left, my friend Sam popped over. He bought me a beautiful new teapot and came armed with scones, clotted cream and jam from Harrods, so we had tea and scones! I’m so in love with the teapot, it’s so beautiful!
 Not the wildest of 20th birthdays, but it was definitely a good one. I’ll have a proper celebration after my hand in, but I really enjoyed just spending time with my family!

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