5 Happy Things

 After yesterday’s post which didn’t have the happiest vibe, I thought it would be nice to do a 5 Happy Things post, partly to remind me of the good things, and partly to brighten the mood a little!
  1. The boyfriend and I went for a walk yesterday, and we discovered a really gorgeous park, less than five minutes from my flat that we had never seen before (and my boyfriend has lived on this road for a year and a half). It’s got a massive field part, big trees and pretty flowers, a kids play park, basketball and tennis courts, and outdoor gym equipment, so I think I’ll be redirecting my morning runs that way! 
  2. Sunday Brunch. Is there anything better? I was wide awake at 9am this morning, but because the boyfriend was still asleep I ended up falling back to sleep (after brushing my teeth, drinking a pint of water and reading a bajillion blogs), and not waking up til midday. We made american style pancakes in our PJ’s, covered them in cinnamon sugar and ate them on the sofa. I really love lazy sunday Mornings.
  3. I’ve discovered a new photo editing app on my iPhone, it’s called PicFX and I am totally obsessed, it’s got a ton of fab filters and effects, and you can add light effects too which I love. 
  4. My new MacBook. I am a very lucky girl, for my birthday this week my parents bought me a new MacBook Air, since mine was on it’s way out, and I’ve had so much fun setting it up and downloading apps for it!
  5. I am totally obsessed with The Pretty Reckless and their new album came out this week, and I’m obsessed with it. If you’re a fan of rock music, you should definitely check this out.
In the spirit of spreading the happiness, leave me a comment telling me what has made you happy this week! 

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