The Review: NARSissist Palette

Ahhhh, look at the pretty! How much hassle was getting hold of this palette?! After ordering it off the NARS website less than half an hour after it was released, I was told over a week later that I would not be receiving the palette due to a screw up with the orders, meaning too many people were allowed to place an order. I should point out that everyone had received their palettes by the time they told me this, and people that I know put their order in after me, got theirs. Not impressed NARS. Anyway, by this point I wanted the palette anyway, but once I couldn’t have it? I NEEDED IT. Well obviously I didn’t need it, it wasn’t a life or death situation, but I really really wanted it.

So anyway, this hit department stores on Saturday, and after a brief ring round I found a store that had it in stock and a few at that. I jumped in the car and headed on down, and managed to get my paws on one finally. The woman behind the counter was lovely and gave me a stack of samples too, and weirdly, it was five pounds cheaper in John Lewis than from NARS? Odd. Apparently each counter was sent around 16 palettes, which really isn’t much. 

ANYWAY. Onto the palette yes?

Any of you who have been around this blog for a while will know I’m a big fan of NARS, particularly of their shadows. I love my And God Created the Woman Palette, and I’ve recently been using the Fairy’s Kiss palette too, I have a few duos kicking around too which I love. The palette is expensive, but it works out for fifteen shadows, cheaper than buying three individually, so worth it, right?

The palette contains 15 shades, five matte and the rest shimmers, I find the shimmers to be slightly smoother in application, but they’re all really pigmented.

This could loosely be described as a neutrals palette, it’s got a nice mix of highlight shades, good light bases, taupes and browns, but their are a few neutral toned colours in there, purples and blues. 

So the shades. Top left we have All About Eve #1, a pink champagne shimmery base colour, super neutral, the kind of starter colour you expect in every neutral palette.

Next is Madrague #2 a matte beige/brown shade. It looks like a bit of a nothing shade in the pan, but it is brilliant for blending into the crease to add definition, or even on the outer edge with a pale shimmery shade like All About Eve #l on the lid. Bobbi Brown Frappe (in the Rich Chocolate Palette) is pretty similar.

I can already tell you that Fez is one of my favourite shades in this palette. A burnt coppery brown with golden shimmer, I can tell I’ll get a lot of use from this. It’s probably the most pigmented shade in the palette.

Next up is Bali, a very cool toned matte brown that looks kinda taupey. Another shade that will look beautiful in the crease, to add definition. 

Coconut Grove is a shade I already own, but have actually hit pan on which has NEVER happened to an eyeshadow of mine before. It’s a beautiful matte chocolate brown, with the odd fleck of multicoloured glitter, and I mean odd, there’s probably like fifteen flecks in the entire shadow. I love this for blending into the outer corner, but also as a softer liner alternative to black. 

Madrague #1 is a matte cream shade, a lovely option for all over the lid with just a flick of winged liner. This is kind of similar to Urban Decay Foxy from the Naked 2 palette, but less yellow toned. 

Nepal is a peachy rose shimmer shade, a gorgeous shade for all over the lid. Looks like some of the lighter shades in the Naked 3, but the formula and pigmentation is much better (I personally found the lighter shades in the Naked 3 somewhat disappointing)

Ashes to Ashes is another shade I feel like will become a firm favourite. A shimmery light brown with a subtle violet base, it comes across as a light taupey purple. This looks good washed across the whole lid, with a little liner round the lashes. 

Brousse is another colour I’ve used before, but I was still pleased to find it in this palette, a beautiful deep violet shade. Again this has slightly taupey undertones, and I find it looks fabulous with other taupe shades. 

Mekong is a dark chocolate shade, similar to Coconut Grove but darker, with a heavier spread of multicoloured shimmer. The finish of this despite the shimmer is fairly matte, it’s super blendable and adds a nice depth of colour.

Bottom left is Belissima #1 a heavy white shimmer, perfect for adding highlight to the inner corners of the eye, and under the brow bone. It applies certainly peachy when swatched, but barely notices on the face. 

Lhasa is a cool toned shimmery grey with lavender undertones, possibly my favourite shade of them all in this palette. One of those ones that will make a great starting point for a smokey eye, but look equally as good alone on the lid. I could be tempted to buy this shade on it’s own in the future. 

Bad Behaviour is described as a deep pewter, but I would describe it as a dark grey tinged teal. It’s a pretty shimmery shade unlike anything else I own, looks equally gorgeous in the crease and all over the lid. This is a Limited Edition shade from the Guy Bourdin collection, the shade I was drawn to most when the collection was released, glad I didn’t buy it now! 

Dogon #2 is a blackened navy with teal shimmer, but it applies as more of a charcoal shade. Again this is different to any other shade I have in my collection, but it looks gorgeous paired with Bad Behaviour, and I’m surprised at how much these shades suit me. 

And lastly, Pandora, a matte black shade that ties everything together. Makes a great liner and is also incredibly handy for deepening the shade in the crease.

This palette is the same size as the Guy Bourdin One Night Stand Palette, making it perfect for travel, and not too bulky and clunky. There’s a better shade range than in the Naked Palettes, perfect for day or evening looks as well as neutrals, or a hint of colour. 

I’m so pleased I managed to get my hands on this palette in the end, and I’m pretty sure this will be making an appearance in my February Favourites! And that marks the beginning of my spending ban!

What do you think of the NARSissist palette?

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  • Beth

    The exact same thing happened to my order. So disappointed. I would've expected better from such a big brand. Hopefully I'll get my hands on one soon!BethBeth Young Makeup

  • Daphne Shen

    I really wanted this palette, and its absolutely gorgeous! But after a cool down period, I think I'll stick to saving the half a hundred pounds for something else ๐Ÿ˜› I'm so glad that you got this palette though! xDaphne | subgenre of a dream|bloglovin| youtube

  • Beth Mitchell

    Oh god it's so pretty, it is taking everything in me not to find this and buy it! :'( I adore it!

  • Celina

    You have no idea how incredibly jealous I am right now. It's so beautiful!xxCelina | The Celution | Bloglovin

  • Jaye Rockett

    I was really annoyed, such bad customer service! Fingers crossed for you!

  • Jaye Rockett

    Good girl, I wish I had your restraint! Me too ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  • Jaye Rockett

    Restrain! ahaa!

  • Jaye Rockett

    Isn't it just! xx