Five Best Things About Coming Home

Since I’ve had the week free of uni classes so I can attend Fashion Week (which I have lost all interest in this season, you see one fashion week you’ve seen them all) I decided to pack up my car and head home for a few days. For those of you who don’t follow my beauty blog, twitter or instagram and have no idea where home is, it’s the not so sunny seaside town of Bournemouth. I have to say, it’s pretty weird waking up in the morning and hearing nothing but birds. Where are the sirens? Where is the traffic? Why can’t I hear trains? Very peculiar. But nice peculiar. I feel like I can really unwind back here, it’s quiet, and I can have cuddles with my kitty. This week has been particularly lovely, and has made me very reluctant to head back to London Sunday.
1. Cuddles with my animals. My house is something of a menagerie, coming home for cuddles with my one eyed labrador, tennis ball obsessed Cockapoo and mental kitten with squiffy eyes is the best thing ever. The Cockapoo gets so excited when I walk in the front door after a month away, he climbs into my lap and actually cries. For like half an hour. It’s freaking adorable.
2. Not having to cook. Anyone who lives on their own I’m sure will feel me on this one. Not having to go food shopping, not having to decide what to eat, and having a big plate of healthy, organic, gluten and dairy free food plonked in front of me is bliss. This is how I know I’m getting old.
3. My bed. Ahhhh my bed. My bed in London is horrible and springy and even with a big feather mattress topper, just not comfortable at all. This week I’ve spent half my time snuggled up in bed, sleeping, watching Netflix, and using it as a makeshift work station, since the Boy and I both have deadlines next week. So cosy, plus, isn’t my bedding adorable?
4. Long dog walks. This is probably an extension of puppy cuddles, but it’s so much more satisfying going on a four mile walk with an excitable dog too. I would have loved to have gone for a walk along the beach but since the wind recently means half the beach is on the prom now, it didn’t seem like an option, so we headed up the park with a soggy tennis ball and some now muddy Nike Blazers. It took me ages to get a photo of Finn because he was running so fast, and then I realised my dog is not particularly attractive when he’s been rained on! If any of you have any suggestions for nice places to walk in London, please let me know, I’m enjoying my Sunday rambles!
5. Lunch dates with Mummy. The last few times I’ve been home, my mum and I have made an effort to go for lunch together and catch up (read: bitch about the men in our lives), and I really look forward to it now. Today, we headed to a nearby CafĂ© restaurant that has a full gluten free menu for my mum. I had a very non gluten free Ciabatta sandwich with salad and chips which was super tasty!
My mission now is to sneak my kitten into my car and take her back to London with me, and hope my Landlord doesn’t notice!