What's In My Bag #2

 I did a What’s In My Handbag post a few months back, but I got a new handbag for Christmas, and have significantly downsized the contents of it since then, so I thought I’d do another! This bag was a gift from my parents, who knew I was after something smaller. For some reason, the sunlight has made the bag look redder than it is, it’s actually more of an oxblood colour in real life. 

Obviously I have the essentials, my phone (iPhone 5, the case is just a purple bumper), I can’t fit my big purse in this bag, so I just have any cash inside my Oyster card wallet, another Christmas gift, from Cath Kidston, and slip the ‘essential’ cards (Debit card, Space NK card, Boots Card, Debenhams Beauty Card… you get the idea) into the zip up pocket inside. I’ve got my car keys (I drive a Chrysler Ypsilon, in case you were interested), Smints, since I’m not a massive fan of gum, a little compact mirror with shoes on, a Christmas gift from my Grandparents, and Hand Sanitizer, this one is Soap and Glory. 

After all those bits are in there, there’s not much room for anything else, but I manage to squeeze in my iPod Nano, and the headphones sit nicely in the front pocket (I’m listening to Bastille, Foxes, Fall Out Boy and a bit of good ol’ Justin Timberlake at the moment, FYI). There’s two lip products, the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy, which is my go to lip colour at the moment, and the No 7 BB Lips, which adds a nice sheer berry tint to the lips. Those are the only beauty bits I’m carrying around with me at the moment, unless I know I’m gonna be out all day in which case I tend to chuck in a setting powder too. The only other thing in there is a packet of cold and flu tablets, since I seem to have a constant cold at the moment!

What are your handbag essentials?

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