The Review – Bourjois Bronzing Primer

 Please excuse my chipped nails, sob, I didn’t realise until I was editing the photos!

I wasn’t actually going to do a full review on this product, but after mentioning it briefly here, I had a lot of people asking me on Twitter what it was like, so instead of replying to everyone, here are the deets.

 This product is advertised primarily as a bronzing primer to be used under your foundation. It’s not going to prolong the wear of your base, but the idea is that it’s going to give you a glow from within. I have tried using it that way a few times but I didn’t really get on with it, I found that once I had added my foundation, or even tinted moisturiser, you couldn’t see it at all. Now to me, that’s just a waste of a product. 

So after doing a little research, reading a few blogs and watching a few YouTube videos, I started experimenting with this on top of my chosen base. I was fairly apprehensive to start since it looks really freaking orange in the tub and as we established in this post, I’m not a fan of the oompa loompa look.

However, this stuff is pretty foolproof. After a fair bit of trial and error, I discovered that I like to apply this with the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush the best, since it’s great for blending, packing on colour, but it also sits just under my cheekbone nicely. I press the brush ever so lightly into the product and then brush any excess into the lid (I usually find that I can then do one side with what is on the brush, and the other from what is in the lid). From there I press the brush into the contours of my cheeks, creating a line, and then I just blend, simple as that. Sometimes I’ll just blend the edges and keep it as a contour, and other times I’ll blend up, using this as my sole cheek colour. I also add a touch of this on my temples to add definition there. It’s pretty hard to go wrong with, despite how it looks the colour is not over pigmented and applies borderline sheer, leaving you looking glowy, not Essex.

In terms of formula, I set this with a sheer setting powder over the top and it lasts for most of the day. If I’m going out in the evening I like to top it up, but for the most part it’s just fine. 

As for comparisons to the Soleil Tan de Chanel, I’ve never owned it, since I’m not enough of a bronzer-upper to warrant spending that much money on it, but I have tried it on counter a few times, and whilst it’s nice, I don’t see enough of a difference between the two to warrant the dramatic price difference.

So the verdict? I really like this. As we head into the colder months, I’ve been reaching for my powder bronzers again, but for nights out, or when I need a natural looking, lasting contour, I’ll still reach for this. Worth every penny.

Have you tried the Bourjois Bronzing Primer? What do you think?