Loving Lately #3

 As you can probably tell, I’ve fallen out of the blogging swing, it’s been a few weeks since my regular posting went down the drain, and as well as being ill/internet problems, I’ve been struggling to find the motivation and the inspiration to keep going with the blog. After a weekend up the bum I’ve given myself a stern talking to and a metaphorical kick up the bum, and I thought, what better way to get back into the swing of things, than some mini reviews of products I’ve been loving recently.

First up, two skincare products from Origins. Emerging from some very spotty teenage years, I now start to panic at the slightest sign of congestion in my skin. It’s taken me years to get my skin better and the idea of going backwards terrifies me. However, I’ve taken to using the Origins Clear Improvement mask when I feel like my skin is getting a little iffy, and sure enough there has been a clear improvement (sorry, couldn’t resist!). I use a hot flannel to open up my pores and then pop a little bit of this on my skin (you don’t need much at all). Yes it’s pricey, but when I bought this, the lady in the shop gave me a little sample to try first, so if I didn’t like it I could exchange it for something else, and that tiny little 7ml sample gave me four and a bit uses, so I can’t see me running out of this 100ml bottle any time soon. Also from Origins, I finally caved and bought the matching eye cream to my beloved day cream. The Ginzing Eye Cream is definitely more of a cream product than it’s sister day cream which is more of a gel, but it’s still super light in texture, and it really brightens up the under eyes.

After seeing lots of hype in the States around the L’Oreal Nude Magique foundation, when I saw it in Boots I had to snap it up and it’s safe to say, it’s love. If your poison is high coverage, then this is not for you, but I find that this evens out my skintone enough that I just need a little touch of concealer around the nose, on my undereyes and on any blemishes.  I love the way it feels on my skin, it looks totally natural, honestly like there’s nothing there, but your skin feels ever so soft and almost matte wearing it. I haven’t used anything else since I got this!

Being ill for the last few weeks has left me looking a little, well, dead, so I’ve been relying on makeup to perk up my complexion and leave me looking less like an extra from a Halloween Movie. The Bourjois Bronzing Primer has been a godsend in mousse form for this. I’ve just been taking a tiny amount of this on my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and popping it on my temples, and under my cheekbones, for a little colour.

If you follow me on Twitter of Instagram, you may have seen my excitement last week as Lush finally bought back my beloved Let The Good Times Roll Cleanser! You can read my original ramblings here, but really what you need to know is that this will keep your skin clear and glowy, and it smells amazing too.

Two nail things, firstly I picked up the Stylefile nail file after breaking my nail and not being able to find a nail file in my room back home. It comes in at around the five pound mark but is worth every penny. It’s much more resiliant than your average file, the curved shape makes getting an even nail shape easier, and it has two sides, a rougher side for shaping and a smoother side for finishing. My nail polish pick of late has been from the new Barry M Texture polishes that are somewhat Reminiscent of OPI Liquid Sands. I’m not really a fan of Barry M Nail polishes but I love this, a sparkly polish that is easy to remove, long lasting and so pretty! It makes me feel all wintery! This is the shade Countess which is my favourite, but I’ve been loving Duchess too.

And lastly, my Maybelline Baby Lips in Intense Care has been getting hourly love from me this week. When I have a cold I always get super dry lips, and as much as I love my Nuxe Reve De Miel, it’s more of a nighttime thing, and not massively practical for in the day, so I’ve been reaching for this. I find this way more hydrating than Cherry Me, Pink Punch and Peach Kiss. It’s apparently got a Cherry Almond scent but to me it just smells just like Battenburg Cake. I tend to go into a bit of a daze when applying this since it smells so good!

And that’s it! If you’ve made it to the end of this post, I salute you! 

What have you been loving recently?