Pass The Specs

So, hands up, how many of you knew I wear glasses? None of you, I’ll bet. I don’t wear them often, just at Uni, and when I’m driving, but I’m pretty forgetful with them, since I’ve never really found a pair that flatter my face.

So a couple of months back I had the pleasure of attending a Gorkana blogging networking event, for bloggers and PRs at House of Rush. Aside from enjoying a few glasses of champers, some tasty canapes and having my hair styled, I also got to meet the lovely Emma from Specsavers, and she recently got in touch to ask if I wanted to get involved in their Pass The Specs campaign.

She sent me this lovely pair of John Rocha frames, with gorgeous pink and gold detailing on the side, and I was surprised at how, well, normal, I look in them, not geeky, like my head was sure.

Specsavers have a great range of frames to suit every face shape, so if you’re in need of a new pair, be sure to take a look! 

Check out my friend Melisa modelling these exact specs over here
*glasses provided by Specsavers

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