The SPF Factor

So when you’re the pastiest shade of white known to man, SPF in the summer is not just a necessity, it’s a life saver. When exposed to the sun, my skin goes from uncooked chicken, to beetroot, in under thirty seconds, so it doesn’t really matter that we get very few sunny days here in England, if there’s no clouds in the sky, the SPF comes out.

These are the two sun protections that wiggled into my suitcase when I went on holiday. I realise I’m committing a massive blogger crime by photographing these used, but I wasn’t going to post on them originally!

First up, I was using the Piz Buin Wet Skin Transparent Sun Spray SPF 30. Because it was really hot, I was darting in and out of the pool, and this stuff is great since you can apply it to wet skin. I always start my holiday with a higher SPF, just until my skin is a little tanned, which is why I picked the SPF 30. I really liked this SPF, it kept my skin protected throughout the day without really having to touch up much. The only gripe I had is that despite this being an oil, it was really drying my skin out.

After the third or fourth day, I switched to the new Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration SPF 15, since my skin was a little tanned, and was really dry. I wish I had a picture of this before it got all melted and mixed up in my bag, because it looked really pretty! This is quite a unique product, it’s a suncream laced with ‘hydrating ribbons’ meaning it’s pretty damn moisturising. My skin was being dried out by the sun and Piz Buin spray anyway, so my skin really needed this. It smells gorgeous, is super hydrating, applies easily and evenly (not like the oil spray that left me pretty patchy) and in terms of the amount you get, goes a lot further than the Piz Buin. I’ll definitely be using this on my legs this summer, if we get any more nice days!

Have you tried any of these?