Being Productive When You Have Nothing To Do

Maybe it’s a quiet week, or maybe you’ve just totally bossed your to do list – but you’ve done everything you needed to by 2pm and you’re wondering how to fill the next three hours. 
Sure it might be nice to grab a carton of ice cream and settle in to watch cat videos & read Buzzfeed articles – but what about using the time productively? 
Sometimes, the most satisfying thing in the world is to keep being productive even after you’ve done everything else. But how to fill that time? 
Organise something. A cupboard, your planner, your desk or the files on your computer. Tackle an organisational mess you’ve been putting off forever. You know what they say – tidy house, tidy mind. 
Put a date in the diary. A coffee catch up with friends, a course to help you further your social media skills, a meeting with a great contact. Use the time to make your time ahead even better. 
Set new goals. Take some time to reasses your goals, and create actionable steps to achieve them. Plan out dates to achieve them, and rewards for getting there!
Prep Instagram photos for when you’re busy. The key to a successful Instagram account is regular content, so spend some free time shooting great Instagram photos for the next time you’re busy. 
Tidy up your Pinterest boards. The Pinterest algorithm favours content that has lots of interactions, so delete stuff that didn’t do so well, organise your boards into a system that makes sens, change up your cover photos, and get pinning! 
Learn something new. Sign up for a new class on skillshare, look for a new webinar on creating awesome content, or look for a class near you on a skill you’ve always wanted to hone. 
Read an inspiring book. Currently on my bedside table is Big Magic. 
– Fix broken links & update blurry images on your site. One of those things that needs doing regularly, but we always put off because it’s so time consuming. 
What are your top tips for filling time productively?