Things To Do This Weekend

It seems to me right now that the weekends are going far too fast, and Monday keeps popping up like an unwelcome spot. This weekend is a big one for us, we are officially moving into our flat, so I want to make the most of 48 hours away from work! I’ve put together a little list of things to do this weekend, that I think you should definitely add to your to do list!

Declutter + Spring Clean. Is it just me, or does moving house make you realise how much crap you have? I’m looking forward to decluttering my makeup stash, wardrobe, and office supplies this weekend, cause a bigger house doesn’t have to mean more stuff.

Frame some prints. I love how pretty prints can really transform a room. I’ve picked up a few prints here and there from Society6, Rosie O’Neill + Desenio, so I want to get them in frames and up on the walls this weekend!

Take five minutes out with a book. I can’t remember the last time I sat down with a good book! Juggling work, the blog, moving, + being ill hasn’t left much time for literature! This weekend I’m hoping to take some time out to snuggle up in my new armchair with a book!

Get Potting! My baby cacti need repotting, they’ve started to outgrow their current homes (under my mum’s guidance I should point out, I’m something of a serial plant killer)! I also bought a new giant cactus in Ikea last week, that needs planting in the pretty grey plantpot I also bought, ready to move into my living room!

Write a master to do list. I’m great at tackling urgent, deadline led tasks, but I suck at ticking off tasks that don’t come with a time bomb. This weekend I want to make a list of all those little tasks at work and at home that need doing, and add my own deadlines to them! Things like clearing out under the bed, updating my email signature, organising Connor’s receipts for his tax return. I will get them done!

Buy peonies. We only have a few weeks left until peony season is over, and I still haven’t treated myself to a bunch of fresh blooms. I’ve got some Bloom & Wild credit so I think I should treat myself to a fresh bouquet, to brighten up our new home! (p.s. follow this link for £10 off your order if you fancy treating yourself too!)

Have a bubble bath! I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for my first bath in my new bathroom! I picked out the biggest tub we could possibly fit in the space, since I’m a tall gal and need all the soaking room I can get! I’ve been subconsciously saving all my Lush bath bombs (and a bottle of Aromatherapy Associates Bath Oil my girl Tami got me for Christmas) to use in the new place, so I see lots of baths in my immediate future!

Make a gingerbread latte. Our coffee machine has been at Connor’s parents’ house whilst the renovations were underway, so I’m pretty excited to get it back! I’m going to celebrate by making myself a yummy almond milk gingerbread latte, I may even crack out the stencils and cinnamon to give it a pretty heart on top! (latte art is way above my skill level!)

Cook! We’ve been living at my parents for six months now, six months without our own kitchen. I’m so excited to have my own space to get trying out some new recipes! This weekend I think we’re going to try making thisthis for dessert.

What’s on your to do list this weekend?

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