Yorkshire Pudding Wraps at Home

Yorkshire Pudding Wraps appeared on the Christmas market scene a few years ago, and what’s not to love? All your festive roast dinner favourites wrapped up into a portable hot pocket. Except, in my experience, the reality is never quite as good as the idea. Usually it’s slightly dry meat, plain boiled veg and a bit of Bisto splashed on the top, and if you get change from a tenner you’re lucky. So, I thought how hard can it be?

Roast chicken in a pan, yorkshire pudding wraps

Turns out not that hard! I made a roast dinner as usual, my favourite ingredients all cooked to how we like it…

  • Roast a chicken stuffed with garlic, onions, orange wedges and rosemary for an hour and twenty minutes at one seventy. Cover with tin foil for the first hour, baste at the halfway mark.
  • Carrots coated in wholegrain mustard and honey, parsnips coated in maple syrup, roasted for forty minutes until sticky and slightly crisp.
  • Parboil potatoes for fifteen minutes, then roast for forty five minutes tossed in butter, garlic salt and rosemary.
  • M&S Cauliflower Cheese. Because making cheese sauce is a faff when you’ve got seven other pots going on the hob.
  • For an extra festive touch, pigs in blankets cooked as per packet instructions.
  • Make a gravy using the juices from the chicken roasting tin. Add to a pan with a little cornflour, red wine, horseradish, brown sauce and marmite to add flavour.
yorkshire pudding wrap

Really the only thing different here is the Yorkshire. To make this I used four eggs, 140g plain flour, and 200ml of milk. I baked it on a baking tray with a 1cm lip, I coated the tray in vegetable oil, heated in a closed oven at 190degrees until smoking, then poured the mix. I cooked until it was browned, which took just under half an hour, but it really is an eyeballing game.

Roast chicken in a pan, yorkshire pudding wraps

I let it cool then sliced it in half to make the two wraps! Lay each one on a sheet of tin foil and get constructing. I went in quite light with all the ingredients as I didn’t want it to be un-wrappable. Start with a base of cranberry jam, then add all your fillings! I added a light drizzle of gravy in the middle just to keep things moist, but you want to be careful about too much liquid so it stays structurally intact.

Roll it gently and tightly, think like a burrito! Chop it in half with a sharp knife, and serve with a dipping bowl of gravy, and extra pigs in blankets on the side!

So much better than a Christmas market one, so much more flavour, and the whole roast dinner which could have served four easily cost around £9 to make!

Check out the video on my instagram here.