How To Keep Your Wardrobe Under Control

You know how it is, one minute you’re saying ‘Hey, ASOS Premier sounds like a good idea’, the next you can’t get your wardrobe shut because it’s OVERFLOWING with clothes. We’ve all been there. Since moving into the flat (I had a big, ruthless wardrobe cull before we moved in, waved goodbye to everything threadbare and unworn for months), I’ve done a reasonably good job of keeping on top of my wardrobe, and I wanted to share my tips for keeping on top of your wardrobe, so you don’t end up with a floordrobe too.

Separate your clothes from sentimentality. 

Sure you may have worn that dress to your best friend’s wedding, but have you worn it since? If it’s not being worn, it’s taking up valuable real estate, and I guarantee there’s someone else out there who can show that piece the love it deserves. It’s always tricky, but at the end of the day, clothes don’t hold memories, you do!

Have a seasonal ‘wardrobe inventory’.

At the beginning of a new season I like to do a ‘wardrobe inventory’. Usually this involves me taking everything out of my wardrobe and sorting through, putting away out of season clothes, taking out anything that hasn’t been worn and can be passed on, or is passed it’s best and needs to be thrown out. I have a good sort out of what I have, and then identify anything I think I may need, a dress for an upcoming occasion, some new plain tees or a fresh pair of denim. It feels good to get it all sorted, and the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

Only shop for clothes when you know what you’re looking for.

Put an end to aimless wonders round the shops where you end up picking things you don’t particularly want or need. If you’re only looking for specific things you need, you’re less likely to end up with clothes you never wear. Identify what you need at your wardrobe inventory, and stick with it!

Operate a one in, one out policy. 

If I know I’m picking up a few bits, I try to have a little look through my wardrobe to see if there’s anything I can pass along to make more space. More often than not, there’s things I’m holding on to that I don’t wear and it’s a good excuse to make some space – so you can shop!

Baskets are your friend. 

I keep two baskets in my wardrobe, one for things that need repairing, knits with pulls or tees with a split in the seam, jeans that need taking up an inch, and one for clothes to pass along. Occasionally when I’m getting ready, I come across something I know I’m not likely to wear again, or something that needs some TLC, and I pop it in one of these baskets, so when they’ve got a substantial amount in I can make a trip to the charity shop, pass things on to my sister, or drop a basket of clothes to be repaired to my Nan!

Be fussier with what you buy.

My shopping mantra, if it isn’t love, it’s not coming home. If you think the fabric isn’t quite soft enough, or the cut isn’t the most flattering, or you’re not *quite* sure about the shade, don’t buy it! Don’t settle when it comes to your clothes, only buy the pieces you adore.

It can be hard to cut down on unnecessary wardrobe contents, especially if you’re a serial spender like me! It’s worth it when you adore every piece in your wardrobe though!

How do you keep your wardrobe under control?