Snow Day In New York City

When it came to posting content from our whirlwind week in New York, I wasn’t really sure where to start – until I saw these photos! Despite countless snow warnings cropping up before we travelled, urging me to pack thermals and snow boots, it was looking like we weren’t going to get the dream. That is, until our final full day, it happened, a snow day in New York City!

We woke the morning before New Year’s Eve to flurries of snow falling from the sky. I was SO excited, we pulled on our clothes, rushed down a quick breakfast in the hotel and hurried outside so as not to miss a second. We needn’t have worried, what looked like a passing snow shower stuck around for most of the day.

After a few minutes stood outside the hotel, Facetiming Connor’s family to show them the snow falling, we quickly realised how cold it was. We barrelled straight into the nearest Starbucks to grab hot coffees to fuel our snowy exploration.

We’d planned to spend the morning walking The High Line and after spotting the snow nearly changed our minds. I’m so glad we didn’t, turns out the High Line is the perfect spot to enjoy the snow!

We took the subway to the top of the park (thank you CityMapper for making New York’s bizarre subway system manageable) and by the time we left the station, the snow had really started to settle.

The ten minute walk from the Subway to the start of The High Line probably took us 30, we kept stopping to snap pictures, boomerangs and videos of the falling snow, scared it would end any second! In retrospect looking at these photos you can tell it wasn’t going anywhere, the whole city was enveloped in a low hanging snow cloud within minutes. It made the city feel so much smaller, masking entire skyscrappers and obscuring our vision to a few blocks radius.

The High Line has been on my to-visit list since before this New York trip was even an idea. A mile and a half of old railway suspended above the city has been turned into a public park, with gorgeous views of Lower Manhattan.

I’m sure if we’d visited on any other day the views would have been even more impressive, but to experience it in the falling snow was a once in a lifetime kinda experience.

The snow does something quite incredible to New York City, as the blanket thickens the city becomes softer. It’s edges less harsh, it’s sounds somewhat duller. It keeps a lot of the population indoors, so despite us being in a busy area on a Saturday morning, there were very few others brave enough to be out with us!

By this point the snow was falling thick and fast and showing no sign of letting up. Despite being well dressed for the weather, my legs by now were completely numb! Big up to the Uniqlo Thermal HeatTech top and leggings, that kept me warm for the first two hours! My Maje coat did a fantastic job of keeping me warm too, despite not strictly being waterproof, my top half didn’t feel cold at all.

I hope I get the chance to return to New York in more temperate conditions, I’d love to see the High Line on a hot summer’s day! It was the perfect place to watch the snow fall though, and we couldn’t have planned it any better!

After a slow hour spent strolling the park, we were pretty pleased to reach Chelsea Market! The perfect place to warm from the cold and rest after the walk, we bundled in and feasted on tacos!

By the time we finished our tacos and had a meander round the market, it was just before 2pm and the snow was starting to ease up. We decided to head to Brooklyn… but more on that soon!

Our snow day in New York City was a real pinch me travel moment, and I think my highlight of 2017!

Let me know in the comments if you want to see more from our trip to NYC!