Our 6 Days in New York Itinerary

I’ve had SO many requests to share how we spent our time in New York, it seems a lot of you lucky lot are headed to the city soon. I feel like we did a great mix of tourist stuff and just pottering about, so hopefully this will be helpful if you’re planning a trip soon (or just dreaming of the city!). It was my second trip to the city but Connor’s first, so we did a fair bit of the cliched tourist stuff, but I think it was a good balance all in all. So, without further ado, this is our 6 days in New York Itinerary.


We took our first day in New York pretty slowly, we were super tired from a 30 hour day the day before so we decided to spend our first day just pottering and getting a feel for the city.

We got coffee in the Starbucks next to our hotel (Hotel 48Lex in Midtown), and drank it whilst pottering a few tourist locations. We walked up Fifth Avenue, saw the tree in Rockefeller Plaza, and I showed Connor Times Square! We nipped into a few shops, both of us needed to stock up on American Eagle Jeans, and we visited our first of many Sephoras.

Lunch was a Shake Shack affair because when you’re deliriously tired and jetlagged, all you want is a good dirty burger.

After lunch we visited Macy’s (they had a big Boxing Day Sale on) and also Target to stock up on American treats to take home!

We headed back to the hotel to make the most of their cheese + wine hour, before admitting defeat to jetlag, picking up a Chipotle from round the corner and eating it in bed. An early night for us!


We started bright and early on our second day, walking up Fifth Avenue to Central Park. We took a slow stroll through the park, enjoying the sunshine and marvelling at how it was so cold the lakes were all pretty much frozen.

We walked up to The Met, and took the obligatory sat-on-the-steps-of-the-met snaps, before barreling into Blake Lane for brunch + to hide from the cold. I’m going to do a whole blog post on where to eat in New York, but this is a cute healthy spot on 3rd, with a very instagrammable bathroom.

We did a little shopping on the Upper East Side (you’ll find the city’s only Ulta here as well as a great Madewell store) before walking back down to the hotel via Sprinkles for Cupcakes!

A rest after all that walking (we did around 25km this day), before we headed to The Meatball Shop in Hell’s Kitchen for dinner. If you have one meal in NYC, make it here, it was incredible.


Connor was keen to see Ground Zero so we made a beeline down there first thing this morning. It was bitterly cold so after nearly an hour walking around the waterfalls, we headed into the Oculus to warm up. We got coffee in Starbucks and had a little look in a few shops – note the Victoria’s Secret here was the best one we visited, it was quiet and the staff were super helpful!

From here we walked up towards Soho. We had planned on getting lunch in Instagram Fave Jack’s Wife Freda, but it was a two hour wait for a table so instead we headed to Nickel and Diner – I had a gorgeous burger and Con had a BLT which he raved about. We got coffee in Happy Bones NYC (coffee strong and interiors instagrammable) before having a little look around Soho + popping into a few shops. Highlights here include the Glossier Showroom, Papersource, Madewelll, Sephora, Apple, Sezane, Canada Goose and the Bite Beauty Lip Lab.

All shopped out we headed back to midtown, got smoothies at Jamba Juice + dollar pizza, which we ate in bed!


Day four started with us heading to Top of The Rock, for the best views of New York. We got early tickets on a weekday and were rewarded with a fairly quiet time! We spent a long time up here, just enjoying the view and taking photos.

Afterwards we headed to Bryant Park for a nosy round the Winter Village, before stopping into Blue Bottle Coffee to warm up. We spent almost two hours in Nordstrom Rack that afternoon, and Connor left laden with three tshirts, a new pair of Nike trainers and some Timberland boots, so if you’ve got a boy that likes clothes, definitely add this to your itinerary!

The afternoon ended up being a quite one because we’d booked a 3pm table at Carmine’s. One humungous portion of pasta later, we waddled back to the hotel and stayed horizontal for a while, resting off our food babies! We ventured out later that evening for a little walk, and ended up ticking Milk Bar off our list – soft serve ice cream flavoured like Cereal Milk, topped with cornflakes – SO good!


Day five was our snow day! We started the day by walking the Highline, stopping every two seconds to photograph the snow! We walked down to Chelsea market where we ambled round the shops (highlights include Artists & Fleas, Anthropologie and the Prive sample sale we stumbled upon). We grabbed lunch here, delicious tacos at Los Tacos, but be warned this place is HECTIC, and I don’t advise visiting on the weekends!

From here we got the subway to Brooklyn, and made a beeline for the Brooklyn Brewery. I’d found this online when looking for things that Connor would enjoy and make him forget about all the Sephoras I was dragging him round! On Saturday’s and Sunday’s they offer free tours of the brewery, it was about an hours wait for a tour but there’s a bar (they operate a token system, tokens are $5 each or 5 for $20, and most beers are 1 token, but some one off beers are 2/3) so the hour went pretty quick!

I wasn’t holding out much hope for the tour (I’m not THAT interested in beer brewing) but it was actually pretty interesting. They talked for around 10 minutes about the actual process of making beer, and the other 20 minutes were all about the history of the Brooklyn Brewery company, which was to me MUCH more interesting. The tour guide was knowledgeable and entertaining, and happy to chat and answer questions after.

From there we walked through Williamsburg, I wanted to pop into Catbird to oggle pretty jewelery and we grabbed coffee and donuts in Sweatshop. We drank our coffees whilst crossing the Williamsburg Bridge as the sunset and it was pretty magical!


Our final day! By this point we were pretty knackered after five days walking at least 20km a day, and the wind was SO cold that we had kinda had enough of being outside. We used the morning for last minute shopping, I panic bought half of Sephora and Connor wanted to visit Best Buy to get extra Joy Cons for his Switch, so we ticked those bits off our list. And then on the recommendation of Kelly’s lovely husband Joe, we headed to Brother Jimmy’s, where we gorged ourselves on southern food and put away a few Blue Moons!

From there we headed back to the hotel to pick up our stuff and then went on to the airport!

We honestly had the best trip and I’m glad we managed to fit so much in! We didn’t really have any late nights, we were up by 6am most mornings because of jetlag, so by the time we’d had dinner most evenings we were pooped!

If we’d had more time we’d have liked to have seen a show, and we had meant to take the Staten Island ferry out to a taco place (and for the obligatory Statue of Liberty shot) but for the most part we ticked everything off the list!

Is New York on your travel bucket list?