10 Happy Things: Hello November

Happy Sunday lovely internet friends! I hope your week has been full of lots of happy things + wonderfully cosy moments.

I’ve had a seriously hectic week, and a very chilled weekend. I came down with a cold on Friday so I abandoned my plans to go off exploring this weekend and instead snuggled up in bed watching Netflix. In all honesty, it’s been months since I’ve spent time doing nothing, so it’s been quite nice to just chill!

  1. I kicked off the week with a trip to Brighton to hang out with my girl Allie before she left for Germany this week (why do all my friends keep moving to other countries – sob). We had a fun filled 24 hours that basically revolved around a lot of good food!
  2. Evil Minnie Mouse! Allie and I went out for a few Halloween drinks, and I dressed as Minnie Mouse gone rogue! I did an ombré lip look, deep purple to dark red and I was absolutely obsessed with it, I was so sad when I had to take it off! Halloween is such a wonderful excuse to play with makeup!
  3. Whilst in Brighton, I managed to grab an hour to catch up with my wonderful friend Carrie, always a pleasure! Carrie and I get on so well and have so much in common, I’m always sad that I don’t get to see her more often!
  4. GINGERBREAD LATTES! Oh it’s the most wonderful time of the year folks, gingerbread lattes have returned to Starbucks and all is right with the world once more! They really are my favourite hot drink, and I’m not going to disclose how many I’ve drunk this week, but be assured it’s a lot!
  5. A little midweek browse of H&M and I found my perfect party season dress! I normally really struggle with these things, but I saw this dress and just fell in love. It’s a total knock off of a Self Portrait dress but since I definitely can’t afford the real thing, it’s the next best option! The deep green shade really compliments my eyes and I just cannot wait to wear it! And the best bit? The thirty pound price tag! It’s not online so I can’t link to it, but keep your eyes peeled for some snaps soon!
  6. Sneaking out for a Wednesday afternoon beer with my Dad! One of my favourite things about being back in Bournemouth is getting to spend time with my family, especially when it’s at the Brewhouse, with a Mystic Peach beer in hand!
  7. A birthday breakfast with Con at Café Rouge – fresh pastries & avocado sourdoughs – full review coming your way next week!
  8. Connor’s new car arrived this week and on Thursday night I had a little drive of it. It’s definitely fun to drive, but the engine is twice the size of the one in my car, so I’m a little scared of it! I’m not sure I’ll be driving it much, but I’m very much enjoying luxuriating in the passenger seat with the heated seat on!
  9. I spent all of Saturday tucked up in bed feeling sorry for myself, and watching The Crown on Netflix. It’s a super interesting series inspired by Queen Elizabeth’s early years on the throne. It’s been really well done and if you’re into historical dramas, definitely worth checking out, I binge watched the whole first season this weekend!
  10. Connor has spent most of the weekend working, but on Saturday morning he bought me a Sausage and Egg McMuffin in bed, and a ‘Jaye Bag’ of treats! Inside were some magazines, Oreos, donuts, chocolate & a strawberry milkshake! He’s a good egg really!

Here’s hoping you’ve all had a great week & have another one ahead! x