5 Things You Need For Your Blog

Whilst chatting with a friend last week about my work as a freelancer and my blog, my friend said, “The blogging world is so odd. Its like MI-6, everyone knows it exists but finding info about what really goes on beneath the surface is difficult.” and it really got me thinking. Because she was right, generally bloggers are secretive about their blogs, their success and how to get it. Now, I’m very much of the mentality, ‘share and share alike’, so I started to wonder why I wasn’t sharing some of my knowledge.
So here we are! Today I thought I’d talk to you about some of the things you need to make a killer blog. These aren’t physical things per se, but rather things that will only improve your blog, and how it is viewed by readers, fellow bloggers, and brands alike.

1. Strong, consistent branding. Brand is everything when it comes to your blog. Take some time to sit down and answer some questions. Why are you blogging? Why should someone read your blog? What are your core values? Everything on your blog should reflect the answers to those questions, and your branding should  reflect that too. Create logos you can use across your social media platforms so people will recognise your blog. Have a consistent theme to your photos, so people will look at a photo and recognise it as yours.

2. A blog email address. Whether you’re talking to PR’s, brands, fellow bloggers, or even the Bloglovin’ help team (who, incidentally, are fantastic), you won’t be taken seriously if your messaging from groovychick93@hotmail.co.uk. You don’t have to splurge on your own email hosting if it’s out of your budget, but a simple yourblogname@gmail.com will go a long way towards increasing your reputation.

3. A disclaimer policy. For brands who want to collaborate with you, and readers who want to know if you’re genuine. A disclaimer policy should state your ethics really, and let brands know whether you’re open to sponsorship deals.
4. A media kit. If you’re interested in working with brands, or accepting advertising, you need a media kit. One document that will tell brands and PRs everything they need to know about your blog, so they can decide whether you’ll be a good fit!
5. A clear profile photo on your blog, & a killer about page. All your readers want to know what you look like! It makes you seem more personable and has been proven to increase reader engagement! The same can be said for an about page. Tell your readers about you and your blog, what they can expect to find and why they should definitely follow you!
I hope you found this useful! Let me know if there are any other blog topics you’d like me to cover down in the comments!