My Perfect Christmas Stocking

I’m not doing a gift guide series on my main blog this year, partly because I think there are enough out there already, and partly because I have no idea what to get anyone myself right now. I was doing a little reading the other night and I realised that whilst there are a lot of beauty stocking filler ideas out there, there aren’t any more general stocking filler guides. So I thought, to get us in the festive mood, I’d share my perfect Christmas stocking, in the hope that it will give you some ideas, for others or maybe for your list!

A yard of Jaffa Cakes: Start as we mean to go on. Pretty much every year Father Christmas pops one of these in my stocking, which is good because as anyone who knows me well (Joanna) will tell you I’m obsessed with Jaffa Cakes. I have a feeling this won’t make it into my stocking this year, since we’re away for Christmas, not sure this is TSA friendly!

A sleep mask: I know this is kinda weird, and sleep masks are kinda a love/hate thing, but I love them. I’m travelling a lot at the moment, and my sleep schedule is kinda backwards, I’m normally sleeping while the suns up, so it’s handy to have something to block out the eyes. I have a sleep mask but it’s on it’s last legs, and it’s made of satin, which isn’t the most comfortable, so I’m after something a little softer!

Beauty bits I get through fast: This is a little something my mum always does, she sneaks in a few of the products I repurchase three or four times a year. When I was fifteen it was Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse and Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara, these days it’s Soap and Glory Archery brow pencil (the one with the spoolie, not the pen), Bourjois Volume One Second Mascara, & L’Oreal Stylo Lumi Concealer. Very handy.

Socks: Am I the only person in the world who LOVES getting socks for Christmas? I’m convinced there’s a sock demon in my flat who eats the last slice of cake and steals my socks. Where do they go?!

A Lush bathbomb: I’ve cut back on the amount of these I buy, it works out pretty expensive per bath! I like to treat myself occasionally though, and hell, it’s Christmas! 

Teeny tiny notebooks: I’m literally stationery obsessed, I love having little paperback notebooks to keep in my handbag, for writing notes, but I’ve also gotten hooked on turning them into mini scrapbooks of special events, one for my trip to New York, one for LA, one for the boyfriend’s birthday weekend, stuff like that. It’s fun and less pressure than a massive scrapbook.

A Starbucks Christmas mug: Need I explain this one? I like coffee. I like Christmas. I like Instagrammable mugs. You get the idea.

Stickers: Because I’m basically five. I’ve gotten really into decorating my planner & scrapbooking this year, and you can never have too many cute stickers. I’ve got my eye on these.

What would you like to find in your stocking this year?