The Review: L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss

Since my hair-dye-disaster of 2012, I’ve steered clear of the stuff, sticking with my mousey-brown natural locks whilst the poor stuff recovered. Now I’ve left the pixie cut and damaged tresses behind, and my hair is looking healthier than ever, and it’s reached a much more respectable past-collarbone length.I had no intention of reaching for the dye again, but I missed my hair being a little darker, with a hint of red to it. I didn’t feel quite like me without it. A little research led me to the L’Oreal Casting Creme Gloss, an ammonia-free wash out ‘conditioning colour’. Basically, this stuff is so intensely hydrating, it can actually improve the condition of your hair, and the colour is only semi-permenant (I found it lasted about two months of near-daily washing & swimming in chlorinated pools, before I wanted a top up), and therefore not as damaging as a permanent formula.I decided to bite the bullet and go for the shade 515 Chocolate Truffle, which is a few shades darker than my natural mop, with a slight warm sheen. This is the second time I’ve used it now, and I left the colour on a little longer (I was a little terrified the first time in case all my hair fell out again) and the result is a much richer colour. I love how it looks, you can see a slight red sheen when the light hits it, but my hair really is just a touch darker. The main difference is how soft and healthy it feels, so many people have commented how shiny and healthy my hair looks!Application is super easy, it’s a simple two product mix, it’s easy to apply even on your own (I did enlist the boy for help this time just to make sure I got it all. He ended up dying his hands too, since the gloves were a little small for man-hands. Something to keep in mind if you’re getting a guy to help!), and the formula is non-drip. Also, since this is a wash out colour, any dye that gets on your face/shoulders/neck/ears, can be wiped off and won’t leave a mark.The verdict? I might just be a Casting Creme Gloss convert.