The Boy On Lipstick

So I’m always telling you what I think about lipstick, but I’ve never told you what my better half thinks about all makeup obsession. My poor boyfriend knows far more about makeup and brands than he ever ever wanted to know, and spends far too much time waiting for me to swatch every product at the MAC counter. He now has an opinion on the packaging of every product I bring home (FYI, he hates Benefit and loves Chanel), and is VERY good at picking birthday presents. A few weeks ago I had some lip products out, swatching them to get ideas for a blog post, and he ended up giving me his opinion on them, which turned out to be quite amusing, so I thought I’d share it with you!

The product that received the highest ranking was the Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet which apparently has “packaging just like a camera remote control” and “looks super slick”. As for the product inside “the colour is pretty and it’s not too smudgy….it’s okay I guess.” I’ve never heard anyone describe a Chanel product as okay before…

Coming in second was the Revlon Lip Butter, a product that personally I’m not too keen on. The boy’s verdict? “Well, the packaging is pretty shit, but the lipsticks a pretty colour…shame they’re all half melted into the tube… but they’re kind of like lip balms with colour and they don’t feel sticky so that’s good.” Not a rave review by any means but better than some of the others. 

Coming in a close third is the L’Oreal Rouge Caresse in Dating Coral, which would have been second if it wasn’t for the “god awful packaging…what even is that?”. Despite packaging issues apparently the lipstick itself is “awesome because look it doesn’t transfer at all”. The colour got a good mark too.

The Collection Cream Puff Liquid Lipstick didn’t do very well in the boyfriend rankings at all. “Look you put that on your hands like ten minutes ago and I can still wipe it off by barely touching it. And it smells funny too, like fake cake.” I’m not one hundred percent sure how he knew what fake cake smelt like, but hey, I wasn’t gonna argue. 

Personally, I’m a fan of the Stila Lip Glaze’s, but they didn’t fare too well either. “Why would you bother putting this on your lips… it barely has any colour and it just makes them wet. Like, what’s the point?” Harsh. 

There were apparently no redeeming qualities for the L’Oreal Glamshine Splashstains. “Why do you even wear this? It makes your lips wet and sticky, and then when the wetness has gone it leaves a stain. It’s just yuck, nope, it’s gross.”

But in last place was the Rimmel Apocolips Lip Lacquers. I didn’t think a boy without interest in beauty could hate a lip product with such passion, but he really doesn’t like these. “These are just shit. Why would you want them anywhere near you? They get everywhere, if you wear this and breathe near me it stains my face. It’s so smudgy and gloopy and just yuck…why haven’t you chucked this out yet?” And on this one, I completely agree.

Do you like any of these lip products? Do you think The Boy has a future as a beauty blogger ahead of him?