St James' Park and Free Cone Day

 I just had to share some of my photos from Tuesday! I got the pleasant surprise of The Boy having the day off, so after a lazy morning we headed into Central, and ended up in St. James’ Park for a gorgeous Spring afternoon walk. The flowers are all in bloom and the trees are blossoming, and the whole place looks gorgeous. It was fairly warm but the sun kept disappearing behind a cloud making it a little chilly every now and then. Anyway, I couldn’t resist taking a bajillion photos of the flowers, they were just gorgeous! I love spending time in the London Parks, you could completely forget you’re in the center of the capital city!
We wondered from the Buckingham Palace end to the Horses Guard, stopping half way to watch them feeding the three pelicans by the edge of the lake. We spent quite a long time strolling and taking pictures and just enjoying the surroundings. 
 By the time we reached Charing Cross we were starving so I introduced The Boy to the wonders of Chipotle (he wasn’t best impressed about having his photo taken, can you tell?). It was delicious but definitely left us craving something sweet, so we couldn’t have been more thrilled when we reached Leicester Square to discover it was Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry’s. I ended up having two cones (Cone Sweet Cone and Baked Alaska) and the boy had three, very greedy indeed! My little sister and her boyfriend had come up to London for a few days, so they ended up joining us for a cone and a wonder round the shops! We ended the day in a little pub in Trafalgar Square where my sister bought her first legal pint, after celebrating her 18th birthday on Sunday!
I love impromptu days like this, I had such a good day even though we didn’t really get up to much! I think I might get some of these pictures printed, the flowers are so gorgeous! If you know of anywhere cheap to get photos printed, please let me know!