The Stationery Edit

Anyone who knows me well will be able to tell you that I’m a total stationery junkie. I’m obsessed with notebooks and pens and listmaking, and I get just as excited over a good notebook, as I do a limited edition NARS blusher. My mum actually thinks its hilarious how excited I get, she still hasn’t forgotten the time I scored my dream Filofax for £8 in TKMaxx. I was practically euphoric for a week. With a new year of course comes a new pile of stationery to mix in with the old, so here’s my pick of the best. If stationery doesn’t get your blood pumping, I’m sorry, normal beauty programming will resume tomorrow!

First up, my 2014 diary. I normally use a Filofax, but I really wanted an everyday diary that had each week printed twice, so I could use one for what I’m up to, and one for what posts are going up on the blog. I found this in John Lewis for a bargain £9.99. It’s super cute, and it has the week printed twice on facing pages. Perfect.

One of the latest additions to my notebook ranks are these Go Stationery A4 exercise books. I found them in TKMaxx for a bargain £2.50 each. I love them because not only is the paper quality excellent (geek thing, gotta have good quality paper), the design super pretty, but their also super slim, so they don’t take up much room on my desk or in my bag. I use one for scribbling down monthly blog plans, and long blog lists, and the other for my current Uni project. Pretty!

The perfect partner to a good notebook – good post-its. The book on the left is from Cath Kidston, I picked it up in the John Lewis, still extortionately priced. I mostly use this for filling up my diary with extra notes. On the right is a set I got for my birthday last year from my Mum, but I’m pretty sure that came from Marks and Spencer. I use these for making notes in books, magazines and my diary, and to leave notes for the boy.

I got this adorable set of three mini Amy Tangerine sketchbooks from TKMaxx. They’re the perfect size for slipping in your handbag for notes on the go, and aren’t they adorable? The notebook underneath is one of those Martha Stewart Leather notebooks. I have four of these now, two are full, one is full of personal lists, and this one is where all the extensive blog post planning happens, from lists of photos to take, to notes on products. I adore these notebooks, if they discontinue these I will be stockpiling.

I’ve been obsessed with Rob Ryan since I was about 14 so when I stumbled across this notebook in Selfridges, it had to come home with me. This is my current sketchbook, I love the design, it’s so pretty, and inside has plain pages, which is pretty rare in a notebook.

Stationery ramble over. I could look at pictures of notebooks all day. Got any pretty notebooks? Go on, enable me…

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