A serious topic now guys…

I’ve been reading a lot in the papers recently about so called ‘scandals’ involving UKIP. The first that caught my attention was the recent story of Child Services removing foster children from the care of their guardians, purely because they were UKIP supporters. Now, I was outraged when this story first broke. I am completely against judging people because of their religious beliefs or political stance and I was really quite angered that these people truly believed that this was a good enough reason to deny these people the chance to make a difference to children’s lives. I was actually a little bit embarrassed to be part of a nation where things like this happen.

However, I then went on to read about the UKIP minister who claimed that homosexual couples should not be allowed, by law, to adopt children, and then went on to liken allowing them to, to child abuse.

I’m sorry, what?

In what world do people think that growing up in a family where two people love each other enough to face great prejudice just to be together, is in any way detrimental to a child’s upbringing? And it got me thinking, if ever I was in a situation where I decided to put my child up for adoption, I would every time pick a family of two men or two women who loved each other unconditionally, over anyone who shared the views of the minister in question.

The UK International Party are outraged that Child Services would remove children from the care of a couple because they support them. They are outraged that this couple’s parenting skills are being judged by their beliefs, but isn’t this exactly what they are doing? Homosexuality is in no way whatsoever damaging to a child, in fact, a child bought up in the care of a gay couple, is likely to be a lot more accepting of people, something that this party needs to learn to become.

I live in London, I go to London College of Fashion, I spend most of my time surrounded by gay men, and those who I have befriended, are some of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. And if god forbid anything should happen to me so I am unable to take care of my own child, I would love for someone who shared their views and outlook on life to take care of them. And I only hope that if I do choose to have children, they can grow up in a world where this kind of revolting prejudice is nothing but ancient history.

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