Simple Joys

If you’re a regular reader of this here corner of the interweb, you’ll know that I’m all about the little things in life that bring happiness. There’s so much in everyday for us to be thankful for, no matter how small, and I think it’s so important to recognise that! 

So when the team at Lighthouse got in touch and asked me to share the small, simple joys that make me happy, it was right up my street! So without further ado, a few thoughts and things that bring joy to my everyday life.

  • The cup of tea Con brings me while I’m getting ready in the morning.
  • The smell of the ocean air wafting into my bedroom when the breeze hit just right.
  • The satisfaction of completing a simple stretching yoga sequence.
  • Weekend coffee dates with Connor.
  • A new episode of my favourite podcast, just in time for my morning commute.
  • New plant friends.

  • Thick knitted blankets on the sofa, and a stack of good books.
  • Breakfasts of fresh fruits and flaky pastry.
  • The forty-five minutes I spend fortnightly getting my nails done. And the feeling of fresh gels after!
  • A rainy day walk in the forest.
  • Driving in the sunshine with my music up loud.
  • Brighter mornings.
  • Dinner with my whole family round the table. We’re a busy bunch who travel a lot, so family meals are few and far between, but I love nothing more than an evening spent sharing a bottle of wine and a good meal with my family.
  • Fresh flowers on the dining room table.
  • Finding somewhere new to explore with Connor + my camera.
  • The smell of rain in the garden.

What little things make you happy?

Thank you to Lighthouse for working with me for this post, and sending me the beautiful Wren jacket featured in these photos! 

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