5 Tech Favourites

I speak very infrequently about tech here, despite the fact that I’m a bit of a tech fiend. With a boyfriend who does, err, something in computing, building apps or something, and a career built by the internet, I like to think I know a thing or two about technology. And aside from all that, I’m pretty much a slave to my electronic devices, so it seemed about time I talked you through some of my favourites.

Gold Macbook. I traded in my 13″ Macbook Air back in September for this beauty and haven’t looked back since. Moving back to Bournemouth meant that my requirements for a laptop changed, I no longer needed something powerful enough to run my business from on a day to day basis whilst hot desking round London, since I now spend most days at my iMac. So I wanted something smaller, lighter, and just enough to keep me going when I’m travelling, or spending an afternoon writing in a coffee shop! The Macbook is perfect, it’s so dinky it fits in most of my handbags (and doesn’t weigh them down), is powerful enough for me to run Lightroom, Premier Pro + Photoshop (although admittedly, not all at once), watch Netflix, keep up with admin, and has a stellar battery life to boot. I was nervous about making the switch but I haven’t looked back since! Note – this is the gold one, everyone always thinks this is Rose Gold, but the Rose Gold Macbook is straight up pink. Something to note if you’re thinking of ordering online.

USB C SD Card Adaptor. Having the new Macbook meant waving goodbye to my handy USB + SD Card slots. I bought the USB C to USB adaptor, but in all honestly, I rarely use it. What I do use regularly is the Jelly Comb USB C SD Card reader, a nifty little device that I can plug in the USB C slot on my Macbook, and put my camera SD Card in. If you’re a blogger or photographer on the go, this is a very handy piece of kit, and affordable to.

Gold Beats Solo 2 On Ear Headphones. When I bought my Macbook, Apple were doing a student deal where you got a free pair of Beats headphones with your purchase. I think it was just before the release of the Solo 3 headphones by Beats, so they were probably just trying to shift stock, but they’re the best free thing I’ve ever gotten. Completely wireless, these have great sound quality + are good at cancelling out background noise. They’re a must have for every flight or train I take + they’re comfy to wear for prolonged periods. Also great for listening to Podcasts while you’re cleaning the house, no wires to get tangled up in!

Apple Watch. I got my Apple Watch back in January, and whilst I don’t think I’ve really spoken about it, I blooming love it. Aside from being super handy when I’m driving – I use ‘Hey Siri’ to change my music, let Connor know when I’ll be home, or phone my mum, I LOVE the Activity settings. You can set movement, exercise and stand goals for the day, and it’ll prompt you throughout the day to move, stand + take time to breathe. I feel like having this has done wonders to help motivate me to move + rest, and as someone whose phone is always on silent, I miss a lot fewer calls! Mine is the Series 2, Aluminium gold case, and I have a few different straps for it. Is it something you need? No, but it’s nice to have.

HP Sprocket. I spoke briefly about my HP Sprocket back when I went to America in December, but haven’t mentioned it since. It’s a little portable photo printer, which prints snaps from your phone straight onto little Instax-style paper. I love this, not only for printing photos while I’m travelling for my travel journal, but also for printing my favourite snaps to keep on my desk, or stick in my bullet journal! If like me, you take a lot of photos but never print them, this is such a lovely little gadget to have!

Are you a gadget fiend like me?

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  • NatalieLeanne

    I am such a gadget fiend like you! I think it all started when I got my first mobile phone 😉 xx


    • Me too! My first one was with that Nokia with the flashing lights on the sides and I was OBSESSED! xx

  • I really love that Macbook! Mine is due an upgrade soon – I’m torn between an iMac and getting another Macbook! The main thing putting me off the Macbook was the lack of ports, but then again I only really use the SD reader and on occasion the USB ports. Mine still has a CD drive ffs ? xx


    • It’s pretty isn’t it! I was worried about that too but in all honesty I haven’t missed them! I have the SD Card reader which I use regularly, and the USB adaptor which I very rarely use! Haha, sounds like you need an upgrade! xx

  • ninegrandstudent

    I’d LOVE one of the Sprockets!

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

    • I’m obsessed with mine, it’s amazing!