A Simple 3 Step Evening Routine

As a naturally pretty tense person, I find winding down in the evenings pretty difficult. As a result of that, I’ve had to find an evening routine that I can pull out night after night and know it’ll help me relax + drift off.

I’ve got it down to a bit of an art now, three simple steps that when performed in succession, let my body and mind know it’s time to wind down + shut off.


My days tend to either be a twelve hour stretch hunched over a computer, or me running around like a headless chicken from dusk till dawn, there’s rarely a middle ground. Because of that, by the time bedtime rolls around my body is feeling overworked and underloved, so I like to take a little time to stretch and try and encourage my poor aching muscles to relax. Sometimes this means rolling out my yoga mat and going through a simple stretching routine, or a Yoga with Adriene video, other times it’s just me lying in bed doing a few little stretches to get rid of the kinks. I tend to just listen to my body and what I feel like it needs, but I always feel better for it. Any muscles still feeling sore after that get a go over with some Biofreeze just to help ease the tension!


I know everyone blabs on about keeping a notebook by your bed to jot down any thoughts that come to you in the night, so much so that it’s probably falling on deaf ears now. I don’t tend to reach for mine at night at all now though, instead I take ten minutes after I stretch to write down everything I need to get done the next day, anything I need to remember, any niggling thoughts or worries or ideas, then I close the book, put it away, and can (generally) drift off without worrying I’m going to forget something.


My final pre sleep step basically involves slathering my entire body in moisturiser. It sounds silly but taking the last five minutes of my day to methodically massage a yummy smelling moisturiser into my skin is like pure bliss. My poison of choice is Lush’s Sleepy, a Lavender, Oatmeal + Cocoa Butter mix that has me snoozing before my head hits the pillow! It’s lovely and hydrating, but not at all sticky + sinks in fast so doesn’t leave a residue all over your sheets!

How do you wind down in the evenings?



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