3 Accessories Your Spring Wardrobe Needs

I’m really feeling the spring vibes right now you guys! Whilst for every bright sunny day we get in England this time of year we also get a grey, windy rainy one, each bright day is oh so welcome, and only serving to get me more excited for the summer months! After my big wardrobe sort out last month, I’m rocking a pretty solid Spring wardrobe right now (complete with jackets + scarves for the cold days!). I was picking out some of my favourite pieces to share with you guys when I realised, I’m all about the accessories right now! So here are three accessories that I think need to find their way into your Spring wardrobe!


Now I love heels as much as the next person, but there’s only so much my ankles can take of being shoved in a stiletto. For day to day running around, I love a shoe that’s not only functional (i.e., unlikely to break my neck or give me severe calf ache) but also pretty. Enter stage left these gorgeous sandals from Primark. Now I call these sandals loosely, in reality they’re somewhere between a sandal and a ballet shoe, but man am I obsessed with them. They’re a soft blush pink with some very Valentino-esque gold studs on the straps, they’re super comfy + they were a bargain at £9. I get so many compliments on these and I wear them literally everywhere, they pull every outfit together!


I know I know, florals for spring, groundbreaking. But hear me out on this one, I’m very much a monochrome wardrobe kinda gal, so floral prints rarely break into my wardrobe, but I made an exception for this gorgeous Coach handbag. It’s black, so it goes with everything in my wardrobe, but the little floral print adds a fun pop of colour to my, let’s face it, pretty boring wardrobe, without feeling like I’ve dived head first into a Miranda Priestley nightmare.


I never used to be a statement sunnies kinda gal, I was all about a classic shape that went with everything + anything and suited my face shape. Now my most reached for glasses are the Quay My Girl frames, so much so I have them in three colours (although one pair have taken a tumble down the back of my chest of drawers so are essentially lost forever). They’re big, they’re garish, they’re not to everyone’s taste, but I blooming love them, and they’re perfect for when you’re driving along and you convince yourself it’s warm enough to have the windows down (hint, this is England, it’s not).

What are your Spring wardrobe must haves?

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