Easter Blossom Hunter

Is anyone else obsessed with all the spring blossom, or is it just me? I can’t help myself, I think my most spoken phrase this month is ‘Look at that tree!’, and I’ve been known to make Connor stop the car so that I can photograph a cherry blossom. I’m a woman possessed! So what else was there to do on Easter Sunday then head out blossom hunting! 

We had Highcliffe Castle in mind for a little photo sesh, and clearly I was channeling regal vibes when I got dressed that morning, because I felt like a veritable princess in this outfit! There’s something about floaty midi skirts that make me feel positively princessy.

I had my hair cut last week and MAN do I love it. Since taking these photos I’ve had the balayage redone so it’s much lighter and more summery, but it feels so much thicker + healthier at this length! I’m not sure Connor is convinced on my shorter locks but I blooming love it! (also, it now takes me all of about 10 minutes to dry + style my hair, WIN!)

This jumper is an oldie for ASOS, but it’s one of those tried and tested wardrobe pieces I just can’t bear to part with. It’s pretty simple, a light grey shade, thin enough that I can still wear it in the summer months, but it’s the little heart patches on the elbows that make my heart soar. They’re so cute!

An afternoon well spent if you ask me! There’s something about old castles and blossom trees that feel oh so magical!

After taking these snaps I went home, put my PJs on, and stuffed my face with Easter Eggs!

How did you guys spend your Easter Sunday?


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