New Home Office Planning

It’s been six months since we left our little London flat, and we’re finally getting closer to getting our own place. We (fingers crossed) should be exchanging this week, and whilst it’ll be a few weeks before we’re in (there’s quite a bit of work to do) I’ve been planning my home office space with a lot of excitement!

Back in the flat, my desk space was crammed in between our kitchen, dining table + lounge. Living in London meant our flat was tiny, so we had to sneak in our desks wherever we could. In this new flat, I have a whole room to be my office and I could not be more excited!

Desk planning 2

I have a very specific idea of how I want the room to look + feel, and most importantly, how it’ll function for me. I already have a few main pieces of furniture, I bought my desk in the post Christmas sales, and I have a large white table from John Lewis I’ll be setting up under the window to use as a photography set up. A few things from my old desk setup I’ll be keeping, things like my lamp + wire noticeboard, although I’m looking forward to not having to have both of these things actually on my desk taking up space. The main question at the moment is how to store things like paperwork, camera equipment, chargers and the like. I want things to be organised + tucked away out of sight, but still easy to get to. Any ideas would be much appreciated!

office wishlist

I plan on keeping things very simple in my office. The walls will all be white and the carpet grey, both my desk + table are white, so I think I’ll be adding pops of gold and green to brighten things up.

I love this grey desk chair from, it’s one of the few desk chairs I actually like. I find a lot look a bit too officey, but I think this one still looks homely enough! I love this John Lewis cushion too, I think it’ll be perfect for on the chair to add a little colour + cosiness to the room.

Not a storage solution for all my stuff, but I love this small bookshelf, I think it’ll be perfect for my cameras + things I use day to day. These white and gold paperchase boxes would be a great way to store smaller essentials or paperwork, in a neat and tidy sort of way.

I love this gold filing rack for important folders, or even magazines I think would look cute in here. I also love these gold cacti – entirely unnecessary, but quite cute, don’t you think?

My amazing friend Daphne has designed a series of amazing prints, I think I need this one for above my desk! I think I may also finally invest in some new softboxes for photography after my old ones packed in last year. These look pretty good!

I think my new office is the thing I’m most excited about! What would your dream office setup look like?

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