Investing in Quality not Quantity

When I was about fifteen, the next town over got a Primark. It was my first experience with Primark, and I fell hard and fast for it’s fast, affordable fashion. I’d take a pilgrimage every few weeks with my friends, having saved up my £20 a week pocket money, and we would challenge ourselves to buy as much as possible for our money. When I went to uni I started adding in the odd piece from Topshop, a bit more from Zara, and a lot from H&M, but I still relied on Primark for trend led pieces and cheap basics, picking up a stack of plain white tees + a new stash of patterned tights every few months. I was shopping a lot, it didn’t help that my uni was literally on Oxford Street, and I was coming home with something new most days.

Nowadays, it’s a different story. I shop very rarely, and when I do instead of coming home with half the store, I’m bringing back one or two pieces I’ve lovingly selected, and usually been hankering after for months on end. A new pair of Ash boots, a jumper from Whistles or a Kate Spade handbag.

I’m not entirely sure what caused the shift in my spending pattern, perhaps I’m just more comfortable in my style now. I no longer lust after trend led pieces, but rather classic cuts and colours that I know I will love + cherish for a long time.

And yes, an £80 jumper or a new pair of boots at £160 might seem excessive to some, but after dropping the same amount monthly on fast fashion, if anything it seems like a wiser investment.

I’m happier with my wardrobe, I’m more comfortable with my style picks, and I love every single piece of clothing in my wardrobe.

And my clothes last longer. They’re higher quality and hold up better to washing + constant wear, and I probably subconsciously take a little more care of them because they cost more.

Generally speaking the higher quality cuts + fabrics are more flattering on me, and look better, so I feel better and more confident.

So I don’t feel bad for splurging in Whistles, or picking up a few pieces in John Lewis. Or splurging on a new coat from Maje. Because I wear these things every day, and I love them all!

Are you a quality or quantity kinda gal?

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  • Totally agree! Flashback to first year of uni arriving in the UK discovering Primark, I went pretty berserk in there. I’ve culled down so much of my wardrobe now, and especially my bag collection where I only pick bags that I know I will use (I’ve done this for the past 2-3 years now and it’s working extremely well. Goodbye 7 pounds bag from Primark! I love all your sweaters/boots and your style lately, Jaye! <3

  • I’m a bit of both I think! I’m a big fan of Primark and Zara basics, and have found the quality from both have imprved vastly over the years! At the same time, I’m happy to spend a little more on bags and shoes, and only ever buy accessories that go with everything I own. Once I’m no longer a student I plan to size down my wardrobe and buy some more investment pieces, Zara for that I still think is a great place! Great post!

  • MoreMindfulYou

    I’m having trouble with this at the moment and really want to start investing in good quality long-wear pieces!

  • I’m very much a quality over quantity girl these days! It took a while to shift my thinking towards it being ‘ok’ to spend more on clothes, but exactly as you’ve said, I get so much better value from them. They fit better, I like them more, I take better care of them. I’ve stopped caring about needing new clothes constantly and instead have learned to buy good quality pieces that mix and match.
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

  • Love this post! Before I came to the UK, the thought of spending £100 on any item would’ve been abhorrent. Since I can only take two suitcases home, I’ve embraced the quality over quantity mantra and I’m much more willing to spend money on classic fits and shoes!! Would love some recommendations on were to buy basic tee shirts (besides Primark).

    Mel x