Snaps from the Festive Season

Today is the day I start to ease myself back into the real world + forward into 2017, and whilst I have lots of plans for exciting content this year, I wanted to take a minute to reflect on the festive season and share some snaps too. Because of everything that happened before Christmas, I think it’s fair to say that Connor and I weren’t exactly in the celebratory mood when the big day rolled around. We were reeling from the loss of his dad and being happy felt wrong, but at the same time, there was nothing we could do. With the Christmas shutdown period in full swing, we couldn’t fill our time with calling lawyers or making funeral arrangements, so we had to find a way to fill the time. 

We tried not to cancel too many plans, partly because Connor’s dad wouldn’t have wanted us too, and partly because keeping busy felt better than sitting and wallowing. Sure, we did some wallowing, but we tried to make the most of some quiet time, some time with our families, and time to reflect.

So we still went to my work Christmas party, and whilst we weren’t the happiest chums there, we had a drink, relaxed, and being out of the house chatting to friends was better than being home moping. I’m lucky that all my family were at the party, so they were all working double time to keep our minds busy! This photo of my mum, sister and I is one of my favourites, it makes me smile every time I look at it! Work Christmas Party

We also decided not to cancel our Christmas Eve Eve plans. It’s become something of a tradition with Con’s family that on Christmas Eve Eve, we have dinner together in town, drinks at the German Christmas Market + general jollyness. This year, my parents came along too, and we drank mulled wine in the Aprés Skate bar (themed like a real on-the-slopes Aprés Ski bar), rode the carousel in the town square (horrible idea, my dad and I felt rather queasy and got told off for messing around – oops!), ate dinner at a new Mexican tapas restaurant and generally enjoyed being with our families. Connor and I are so lucky that our families all get on well and enjoy spending time together!

When Christmas Day rolled around, Connor and I spent the morning together exchanging gifts and having breakfast (he cooked a fantastic Eggs Benedict – fifty boyfriend points were awarded) before spending the rest of the day with our respective families. I had a quiet day, just my parents, grandparents and sister, where we ate too much, drank just enough, and I took my traditional Christmas Day nap on the living room floor.

Christmas Dinner Table Christmas Day Starter Carving the Turkey Table Settings Christmas Dinner Christmas Tree Christmas decorations

One of my favourite parts about Christmas Day is the post-dinner slump, where we all snuggle up in the lounge, Christmas music on in the background, snoozing! I always seem to inadvertantly drift off face down in the living room rug, it’s happened three years in a row now, and I always wake up sore, with an itchy face but quite content! I love watching the cats too, who are always intrigued by the tree, presents, wrapping paper, and the fact that all their humans are hanging out at home for the day!

This year was the first Christmas without our beloved chocolate Labrador Teaser, and whilst it was very odd, it meant Finn got extra snuggles and love!

Sleeping Willow Wispa under the tree christmas tree wispa tree willow wispa buster the boxer Decorations finn

Don’t you just love my Buster The Boxer teddy?! I was so excited to unwrap him this Christmas, I have such a soft spot for Boxers, so the John Lewis ad stole my heart this year!

We spent most of the time between Christmas and New Year making funeral arrangements and organising legal paperwork, but when we weren’t, we spent most of the time snuggled up at home with the cats + a big box of chocolate! I’ve eaten so much over the last two weeks it’s unreal!

Boxing day saw my house filled with extended family for a feast of leftovers + party food! We spent a few hours here before heading to Connor’s house which was much quieter! We spent the evening snuggled up on the sofa watching BBC Christmas programming! Was anyone else a little disappointed by the Outnumbered special?

Boxing day food Boxing day spread

Connor and I are still housesitting, and we’re really enjoying it. The house we’re in is beautiful, it’s filled with cats (3/4 of which we love – one is a nutjob), and it’s in a really nice area of town. We’ve been enjoying the little walk to the highstreet, where there’s a handful of great restaurants + thankfully, a Starbucks! We haven’t felt much like cooking, so we’ve had a few dinners at the local pub, and a few in one of our favourite restaurants. I had an amazing Louisiana style chilli a few days ago that made me miss New Orleans!

Having our own space has been a blessing too, for the times when it all gets a bit much and we’re feeling like moping, we can snuggle up on the sofa in peace and not have to make conversation or pretend to be happy for anyone. It’s made us excited for our flat to be ready!

This post is nearing 1000 words so I’m going to wrap it up for now! I’m hoping to ease myself back into the swing of daily blogging, but it may take some time. Thanks for sticking with me, and I hope going back to work hasn’t been too painful today!