Embracing Minimalism As A Non Minimalist

I know minimalism is the hottest thing right now, but not all of us make good minimalists. Some of us like things, some of us want to be surrounded by things, and some of us (me) are rampant consumers, who have no ability or desire to declutter. And that’s cool, the world would be boring if we were all the same, right?

But just because you’re not a minimalist, doesn’t mean you can’t embrace a few minimalist concepts in your life anyway! Here are a few worth thinking about, even if you aren’t much of a minimalist.

Declutter your digital life. We’re all signed up for far too many email subscriptions, we all follow too many useless Twitter accounts, and nobody needs 700 Facebook friends. Take some time to unsubscribe, unfollow and unfriend, and make your online experience a little quieter.

Shop more mindfully. Do you really need another grey jumper? Are those shoes actually going to be comfortable? When are you ever going to take up crochet? Don’t restrict yourself from shopping, just try and dial it back on the unnecessary spending, so you can have more pennies for the things that matter.

Remove unnecessary clutter from your workspace. If there’s one place everyone can benefit from a little minimalism it’s their desk. The phrase ‘tidy desk, tidy mind’ is repeated so often because it’s true. Keep the possessions on your desk to a minimum, to minimise distraction.

Embrace space. You don’t have to fill every spot in your home. Allow yourself to have bright, empty white space, it does wonders for the mind.

Make life simpler for yourself. Cook simple, wholesome meals. Don’t overclutter your week with plans. Get outside and walk in the fresh air. Say no every now and then. Embrace slower living.

Do you subscribe to the minimalist lifestyle?

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  • Great post! I’m currently working on finding the balance between minimalism and consumption in my own life and it’s pretty difficult! But I totally agree with the points you’ve made. I might just go an declutter my inbox now!

    xx Julia