100ml – What’s In My Carry On Liquid Bag

I’m back from my transatlantic travels and dumping out the contents of my carry on liquid bag for you all. I figured it made more sense to write this post post-travels, since I can tell you what I used and what I could have left behind/put in my checked luggage! We had four flights over ten days, and an accumulative 26 hours airborne, so I wanted to make sure I had everything I could possibly need!


Let’s start with the essentials! I carried my toothpaste & toothbrush to freshen up before landing – these were especially useful on the way back after our night flight! Flying just generally makes me feel pretty gross, so it’s nice to be able to at least brush your teeth. In the same vein, I popped in my deodorant, the Dove Go Fresh Green Tea and Cucumber roll on which is super fresh. Sidenote – this actually exploded on the way back, the rollerball popped out because of the cabin pressure – something that has never happened before!

I also carried my hand sanitizer (at the moment I’m working through Bath and Bodyworks’ Cozy Vanilla Cream) – but I carry this everywhere anyway! Planes are pretty gross, so I kept this on hand for before I ate and after I landed too.

On flights longer than an hour or two I like to take my makeup off, so I took a pack of the Simple Cleansing WipesI wouldn’t recommend using them regularly, but they’re great for freshening up during a flight.

My skin always gets incredibly dry when I fly, so I packed my daytime moisturiser of choice the Grown Alchemist Day Cream, & my Grown Alchemist Vanilla and Orange Peel Hand Cream. I love both of these – they’re intensely hydrating + packed full of great natural ingredients. I also chucked in my favourite lip balm – not the most practical packaging but the Bobbi Brown Lip Balm is instantly relieving – perfect for dry lips.

Skincare-wise, I also packed my Caudalie Beauty Elixir which serves as a toner/extra boost of moisture/calming mist/freshener-upper. I decanted a little of my Kiehls Cilantro and Lime Pollutant Defending Masque to use on our two longer flights – I find this really helps stop my skin from doing it’s usual post-flight breakout thang. I also packed my First Aid Beauty Triple Duty Eye Remedy, which is great for cooling, depuffing & neutralising dark circles. A great in flight product, but it turned out to be a big mistake, because I opened this mid flight and all the eye cream began flowing out!

I didn’t bother packing much makeup, but I did chuck in my Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue in case I wanted to make myself a little more presentable. I used this when we arrived in LA as we were headed straight out, and I just tapped a little of this into my skin with my fingers, but otherwise I could have left this out.

One thing I didn’t use was the This Works Stress Less Rollerball – I always carry this in case of anxiety flare ups, but I was surprisingly fine! I’d still rather carry this and not need it, than be without it when I do, but I probably could have left this out.

And two last bits, I chucked in a rollerball of Victoria’s Secret Noir Tease Perfume for post flight touch ups – this was the only perfume I took so that was pretty restrained of me, and I also packed my Biofreeze Rollerball. This stuff is a lifesaver for achey joints at the best of times, but is a must have for in flight!

What are your in flight must haves?

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