When Things Aren’t Going Your Way

We all have those days where it feels like the entire world is working against you, in fact, they might just be called Mondays. And sometimes, when these days happen, it can be really hard to turn things around. Today I want to talk to you about ways you can turn it around, because really, nobody wants to have a day like that, right?
Take ten.
Allow yourself a breather, step back and let yourself just pause. Sometimes just taking ten minutes for yourself, step back, make a cup of tea, or go for a walk. Coming back to a big old mess with a fresh mind can make the world of difference, against trying to fix problems when you’re lost in the issue. 
Identify what’s going wrong.
Instead of fighting a faceless monster, identify what’s wrong. Is it technical, is it something you’re doing or your approach to the task? 
Reassess your goals.
What are you trying to achieve right now? How can you achieve these goals in a different way? Take a few moments to think about another way you can reach your end goal that avoids the issues you’re facing.
Ask for help.
‘The only mistake you can make is not asking for help.’ There’s no shame in asking for help, but there is in refusing help. If you know someone can help you, let them.
Keep your chin up.
Don’t let the stress keep you down! A positive mental attitude can work wonders.
Talk it out
Talking through a problem with someone you trust can help you see other alternatives and solutions. Or at least, they can offer you some motivation!
Take note.
Of what went wrong, and how you can avoid a similar situation in the future. It’s only a wasted opportunity if you don’t learn from it!
How do you turn a bad day good? 

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