In The Forest

 Last week at home, Con and I snuck off into the forest after a morning of meetings to shoot some photos. The forest literally is right on our doorstep, and yet since moving to London, we rarely make the most of it when we are home.

The forest is home to a lot of fond memories for me. It was at Brockenhurst college, tucked away in a part of the forest where horses, cows and donkeys roam free, and data signal was bad. It’s my time at that college where Con and I started dating, we used to sneak off with picnic lunches in our free periods, and eat them in the forest.

We parked up and just wondered with no aim or purpose, and happened upon a group of the friendliest horses ever. They were very patient with me, posing for photos and putting up with me trying to get them to face into the light. There was something pretty magical about being alone in this little clearing with the horses, especially with the sunlight slicing through the trees. I particularly had a soft spot for the horse in the above photo, who kept nuzzling my shoulder as I stopped to flick through photos.

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