Homeware Loves

Homewares are my latest obsession, in fact, I think I now spend more on homewares than I do on makeup – and that’s saying something! 
And I’m finally starting to feel like our pokey little London flat is home, it’s only taken nearly three years, but I feel like I’ve finally found a layout I like! 
So – new bits I love! This gold Hello from West Elm was something I resisted for months and months, and then caved and bought in an instant. There’s something about it that makes me feel happy, I keep it on my desk and I feel like my desk is saying hello to me!
The pen pots are new too, they were a Paperchase find, I love the gold geometric pattern over the pretty pink shade. I originally wanted to use these as brush holders, but they’re a little short, so I’ve loaded them up with pens instead.
I think the biggest change is that we now have a bookshelf! It’s just a basic Ikea Billy, but it’s perfect for storing all my notebooks and work stuff! I am so pleased with how the top shelf looks! I’ve got my Cheerz frame of Instagram prints, an ampersand candle from West Elm, a bunch of cacti, my lamp and my Daenerys Targaryen Pop Vinyl. Oh – and my Caramel Pumpkin Swirl candle, which smells just heavenly. 

I can’t walk past West Elm without going in these days, and on the last little peruse I found this gold bicycle. I have literally less than no interest in cycling but this was just too cute to resist, so it found it’s way home with me. I still haven’t found the perfect place for it, but right now it’s jazzing up my bookshelf.

Since our little jig around, our Buddha statue is looking much more at home. He’s a nice little reminder to remain mindful, and he looks quite cute I think!

And lastly, this isn’t so much a homeware but I wanted to mention it all the same. I picked up this cute mason jar cup with my weekly food shop last week and I love it, it’s perfect for fruity water drinks or smoothies, and it looks super cute on my desk!

Are you a homeware fiend like me?

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