January Perspective

January is always a time for reevaluating your goals, and this year is no different. The shock of everything that went on with my Grandad last month really put things into perspective for me, and made me really look at what’s on my list of priorities.
Now I know January is normally about New Year’s Resolutions, but I find New Year’s Resolutions far too intimidating, and end up failing before the New Year’s Eve hangover lifts. Instead, I’m starting with goals for January, because that’s much more achievable, right? 
:: Spend Less :: I’m definitely guilty of emotional shopping, as soon as I’m anxious, stressed, or upset I start spending and it’s all very unnecessary. I really don’t want for anything, in fact, I think I need to get rid of a lot of unnecessary stuff, so a little spending restraint wouldn’t go amiss this month.
:: Appreciate More :: Or, don’t stress the small stuff. Put things in perspective, and appreciate the good parts of every day.
:: Embrace Simplicity :: In all aspects of life. The simple pleasures of a cosy night in, the benefits of minimalist living, a capsule wardrobe and a life without excess. 
:: Be Confident :: Recognise what I have to offer, and don’t be afraid to put that out there. 
:: Stay Inspired :: Embrace creativity, and work on keeping it! I feel super inspired right now, and I need to channel that into creative energy!
What are your January goals?