Vintage Tea Rooms

I love any excuse for a little afternoon tea, it’s one British tradition that I firmly believe in. However, if you indulge in a full afternoon tea spread too regularly, it doesn’t remain such a treat, so sometimes you’ve gotta go a little more simple.
I’ve popped into the Vintage Emporium a few times since it opened (it’s walking distance from my house so it’s a great spot for mid afternoon procrastination), a treasure trove of vintage wonders, but I’d never visited the attached tea rooms.
So on Sunday I rounded up the family (they all answer the call of tea and cake), and we pottered down for a little afternoon indulgence.
After a good rummage through the treasures of the store (I fell in love with a typewriter, apothecary chest and all the vintage rings, my mum and sister were eyeing up cinema seats and baby furniture, whilst my dad reminisced over old copies of Dandy), we settled in for tea.
I love when a company follows through on a theme, and walking into the Vintage Tea Rooms there’s no denying they’ve done just that. Full of chintz armchairs, seventies sideboards and lampshades that I can’t imagine anyone under the age of seventy owning, it could just as easily be called the Time Warp Tea Rooms.
Even the till is an old beauty, and the teabags stores in jars, and cakes encased in glass bells keeps the vintage theme alive and well throughout.
As not much of a traditional English Breakfast Tea Drinker, I was pleased to spot a few Teapigs jars nestled on the shelf, I opted for the Superfruit whilst my mum had a pot of camomile. It was only 20p more for a pot than a cup, an obvious choice for any tea fanatic (plus the pots were just so darn cute).
My sister opted for a classic cream tea, served with two Scones, fresh strawberry jam and scrummy clotted cream (a bargain at only £4.70 for all). My dad went for the breakfast tea too, and the both of us succumbed to the draw of the Victoria Sponge Cake, which was incredibly moist and intensely sweet. My mum opted for the vegan brownie, which had inexplicably disappeared before my sister even got her scones.
I love that everything was served in mismatched vintage tea cups and pots, I fell in love with my cup and didn’t want to leave it behind! The little touches were there too, old style sugar scoops and a set of silver coasters I remember my grandparents having.
If you’re ever in the Bournemouth area and looking for a good pot of tea, look no further!

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