Uni Bag Essentials

Right now I’m spending most of my time either at Uni, in the library or sat at my desk, so right now, all my thoughts revolve around work. So today, I’m showing you all the essentials I’m lugging around between my working destinations.Obviously there’s the general stuff like my iPad and a notepad, I take most of my notes on my iPad mini, but I like to have a notebook on hand just in case. I’ve got my reading glasses and also some eye drops, because after approximately three seconds of concentrating, I end up with a headache and dry, itchy eyes.Makeup isn’t a top priority, but I tend to bite my lips when I’m stressed, so I like to carry a decent lip balm with me. I really love the Avene Cold Cream Lip Balm, which is thick and mosturising, comes in a convenient tube and absorbs really fast. This stuff is awesome, I wouldn’t be without it.I don’t go anywhere right now without the Vanilla Berry Sorbet Hand Sanitizer from Bath and Bodyworks, it smells amazing and it works wonders, especially when you spend half your time on the tube, and generally just in dirty horrible London.My portable phone charger is a life saver too, it holds a full charge for my iPad or two for my iPhone, and I use it on a near daily basis, because I’m addicted to Instagram. And a Crunchy Nature Valley Bar… because I’m always hungry.What’s in your bag for work?

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