The Week in Unseen Photos

I’ve been a very bad blogger the last week, mostly because although lots have things have happened, there hasn’t been much worth sharing. However, flicking through my camera and phone, I’ve actually taken a lot of photos the last couple of weeks that I haven’t shared anywhere, but came with their own little stories, so I thought I’d share a few of them with you!

First of, I’m totally obsessed with my gorgeous new teapot, it’s from Selfridge’s and it was a birthday gift, it’s all hand painted and ever so pretty. I lost my last teapot when I moved back in July, and have been teapot-less since, so it’s nice to be able to brew a big pot when I’m at my desk all day! I’m also totally obsessed with having big pots of fruit in the morning for breakfast, and before bed. I like to put a little sprinkle of sugar in in the evenings, just as a sweet treat, but it stops me from snacking throughout the day, and it’s much healthier than the biscuits that my boyfriend has been eating at the same time!

I’ve been back home for a while, and the best thing about going home is all the animal affection I get! Our dopey Cockapoo Finn (the furry black thing in the first picture) get’s so excited when I come home that he cries and hugs my legs. When he finally calms down, he just sits and stairs at me, it’s so cute! My kitten, affectionately known as ‘Derpy Cat’ since she’s a little on the strange side, has been choosing inappropriate moments  to try and love me, like when I’ve just gotten out of the shower and am trying to get ready, or am on the toilet (try peeing when a cat is sitting on your lap staring at you). 

I got the opportunity to go for afternoon tea at the Aviator Hotel with my Mum over the weekend, for a talk from NARS’s International Lead Makeup Artist, Jane Richardson. The whole afternoon was lovely, Jane was so nice and spent ages chatting to me at the end! The food there was amazing, we were greeted with tasty cocktails on arrival, followed by an amazing sandwich, scone and dessert spread, that left me feeling very full indeed! It was great too spend time with my mum! 

I spent an evening last week sat chatting with my family in the garden next to the firepit. We don’t have a fireplace in the house, so dad bought a firepit last summer, which hasn’t had a tonne of use, but it was so nice sat out in the cold being warmed by the fire! 

 My boyfriend’s parents own a restaurant and bar back home in Bournemouth, and the four of us ended up going for dinner last week together. I had Tomato and Mozzarella, followed by the Steak, which are two of my most favourite dishes. As always, the food was amazing, and the company too! We ended up working our way through a couple of bottles of wine, and I laughed so hard that my cheeks and stomach hurt by the time I went to bed.
I have a couple of posts to share with you before the weekend, one from my sister’s birthday, and one with some snaps I took yesterday, so I’ll speak to you very soon!

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