The Skincare Series: Oily Skin Saviours

When my skin gets a little on the oily side (read: when I eat too much pizza, McDonalds, cake and chocolate) there is pretty much only one brand that I rely on to turn my face from oil slick to baby’s bum. Thank you, Body Shop, for hiding a multitude of carb-related sins.

So when this happens, I switch out my whole routine. I still use Bioderma to take off makeup but then it’s all in the hands of The Body Shop’s Seaweed Range. I use the cleanser and toner in the range, which aren’t at all stripping, but they make your skin feel really clean, and pores feel a little tighter. Just using these two gets rid of surface oil, but the other three products really get any hidden nasties gone. 

In the morning I will then use the Bioderma Sebium Pore Refiner, same as usual, as this helps tighten up pores a little more, and is aimed for oily skin. I then follow that up with the Seaweed Mattifying day cream so that my skin stays hydrated, but not oily through the day. In the evening, I just use the Clarifying Night Treatment, it’s hydrating enough to use without worrying about my skin (my skin gets dehydrated at the drop of a hat), but also clears out oil.

I hope this helps anyone else who has oily days, or if you’re just an oily skinned gal! Let me know what skincare products you recommend for oily skin.

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  • Joanna Holly

    I need to try bodyshop products! These look gorgeous xJoannaloves

  • Kerry Dyer

    This range is brilliant from the The Body Shop! Kerry@ Lived With Love | Mummy, fashion & lifestyle blog

  • jenn f

    OOo thanks for mentioning these products. i haven't tried their range but the mattifying cream looks very promising!JennA Beautiful Zen

  • Jaye Rockett

    They are great! Good value for money too, they last ages! x

  • Jaye Rockett

    It's great isn't it!

  • Jaye Rockett

    It's really good! Lasts ages too 🙂