Sleek Candy Sweet Cheeks Blush By 3

 I’ve had my eye on this bad boy since it was announced, I am a massive fan of Sleek products, particularly their blushes, and since I seem to have turned into a, well, a girl recently, who seems to like pink, this blush palette nearly had me squealing. A bright pink cream blush, Cupcake, a lilac pink powder, Dolly Mix, and A shimmery bright pink powder, Candyfloss, I can guarantee this little trio is going to get tons of use. 

As always with Sleek blushes, all three are super pigmented, soft and gorgeous. I believe this is Sleek’s first forray into the world of cream blushers, but they haven’t let me down. Unlike it’s Bourjois or Topshop competitors, this isn’t a cream to powder formula, but it’s not like it’s Stila rival which remains tacky on the cheeks. It’s really pigmented, the tiniest touch of a stippling brush is probably too much, and it blends seamlessly into the cheeks. 

I’m not a massive fan of lilac shades, but Dolly Mix is just delectable. It’s pink toned, so it’s nothing too scary, but it is a nice colour to dip your toe into the purple shade pool. As for Candyfloss, it’s the shade that’s been missing from my blush collection. It’s kind of like the Aqua Collection’s Mirrored Pink, but a little darker and a little less shimmery. It can be lightly dusted onto the cheeks for a subtle pink glow, or applied with a heavier hand for a pretty summer look. 

These blush by three sets are great, since they are three full size
blushes that are normally £5 each. They’re also great to slip in your
your suitcase if you’re going on holiday, since they’re super small and
compact, but there’s a good mix of cream and powder colours.

This palette is pretty hard to come by, since it’s limited edition, but Superdrug gets it’s deliverys generally on a Tuesday, so that’s when to look!

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  • Hayley

    This looks really great! Dolly mix sounds like such a wearable blusher. I love the quality of Sleek blushes :)HayleyWater Painted Dreamsxxx

  • Kate Isaac

    I love sleek makeup but only own one or two products because, until recently, I didn't know where they were stocked other than online (silly me). The blushers look gorgeous and so pigmented!