I love Primark, yes I do…

Eco Tools Kabuki Brushes, TK Maxx / Twist and Out Nail Polish Remover, Poundland / Pink Heart Fairy Lights, Poundland / Peach Body Scrub, The Body Shop / Black and Grey Jumper & Mustache flats, Primark.

Much to the dismay of everyone who attends my University, I actually like shopping in Primark, Poundland, TK Maxx and on markets. I love a good bargain, I’ve never been able to resist one! So here are some of my latest bargain purchases!

Eco Tools Limited Edition Kabuki Brushes – TK Maxx, £6.99 down from £18.00
I absolutely love Eco Tools makeup brushes, and when this set came out originally I really wanted it, but couldn’t find it in stock anywhere! It contains four mini brushes, one for foundation, one for bronzer, one for contouring and one for powder. I actually think £18. is pretty good value for four brushes of this quality, but I was absolutely thrilled to find these in Ealing Broadway’s TK Maxx for less than half the price. Four good quality brushes for £6.99? Yes please.
Twist and Out Nail Polish Remover – Poundland £1.00
I talked about this in my last post, but it’s a perfect dupe for Bourjois nail pot, and a fraction of the cost. I actually already have one, I just wanted to stock up before Poundland run out and I have to go back to ordering in from Amazon!
Pink Heart Fairy Lights – Poundland, £1.00
These were actually a mini gift from the boy, I am obsessed with fairy lights, and when we saw these in Poundland’s Valentine’s range, I just had to have them! They also have them in red, and a version with roses instead of hearts.
Vineyard Peach Body Scrub – The Body Shop, £5.00 down from £12.50
When I found out that The Body Shop were going to be bringing out a peach range, I nearly wet myself with excitement, but I am absolutely horrified that they’ve gone into the sale, does this mean they aren’t here to stay? Either way, I got scared and bought a pot just in case they don’t come back 🙁
Black and Grey Jumper – Primark, £6.00
I’ve been on the hunt for a thin jumper to layer between my top and leather jacket, but I tend to get bored of jumpers quite quickly, at six pounds, it doesn’t matter! This is also a lot softer than all the other jumpers in Primark.
Mustache Shoes – Primark, £8.00
The first time I saw these in store after Christmas, I fell in love. I managed to convince myself I didn’t need them, but then I saw that another blogger had bought them and I was filled with an overwhelming sense of jealousy…sooooo…. I went back and bought them. Ooops?

Don’t expect many more of these posts because I MUST STOP SHOPPING!

Have you found any good bargains recently? Are you a fan of shops like Primark, Poundland and TK Maxx? 

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