Bye bye boots.

Today is a very sad day for me. I think today is the day I will finally have to say goodbye to my beloved military boots. Cheap and cheerful, my lovely lovely New Look boots, that have been my trusty friends for two years, have finally reached the end of their reign. They are possibly the comfiest shoes (other than my Uggs) that I have ever owned, they’re cute, they go with everything, and they were a gift from a lovely boyfriend.

But, sadly, the coating has peeled off, one of the laces has ripped in the middle, the zip doesn’t do up anymore, the lace hooks are bent, the heel has completely worn away, and now the sole has come off on the toe of the right boot. I’m going to be so sad to say goodbye to these shoes, they’re amazing! And I’ve never found any I like as much, that are as reasonably priced. I really like these All Saints boots, but at £165, I won’t be getting any any time soon!

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